Outcast – Second Contact Review

Nov 21, 2017

For folks that don’t know, Outcast is a PC game that originally released in 1999. I never knew about this game even though I dabbled in PC games with my father on and off. I vaguely remember seeing screenshots and thinking “this looks cool” but never got a chance to check it out. Years went by and I later attempted to try it out sometime in 2012, the results were interesting. I could see how wild and inventive this game was for its time and definitely could appreciate what it did for open world games. The problem was that it was marred with fairly outdated controls, flawed jumping mechanics, and lack of hand holding. So with this new release bringing a newer version of this classic, did anything really improve much? Sadly, not really at all.

OUTCAST – Second Contact will be a remake of the 1999 original, releasing in March 2017

Aug 13, 2016

Bigben and Appeal Studio have unveiled the very first screenshots of OUTCAST – Second Contact, the remake of the cult PC game Outcast, a pioneer in the history of open-world video games. This expanded version in full HD of the 1999 adventure game, highly anticipated by fans of the genre, will be available in March 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.