Piranha Bytes discusses what the science fantasy setting of ELEX means

Jul 01, 2016

Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes, creators of the Gothic series, are moving into a totally different realm with ELEX. The game is set against the backdrop of a brand new post-apocalyptic science fantasy universe that immerses players in a vast, seamless game world full of interesting characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and of course, some thrilling action.

Risen 3: Titan Lords Review

Aug 15, 2014

Piranha Bytes’ heritage of making deep and expansive RPGs somehow got lost over the years. Their desire of returning to their roots for Risen 3: Titan Lords does not go unfulfilled. The European developer delivers on all their promises to make an enjoyable, robust, and even a bit strange of an RPG that imposes no rush on progressing through the story in a timely manner.

Risen 3: Titan Lords abandons ship for a classic fantasy RPG in August 2014

Feb 25, 2014

Editor’s Note: By the immediate looks, it seems that Risen 3 is shying away from the pirate-life that was prominent in Risen 2, and returning to what the focus of the original Risen was all about.

Piranha Bytes, the creators of acclaimed RPG titles Gothic and Risen, return to their origins with a new, classic RPG set to launch this year, Risen 3: Titan Lords. In the third installment of the Risen franchise, Risen 3: Titan Lords pulls players into a hand-crafted role-playing world full of rugged charm where every decision changes the course of the story and your fate, and the fate of the world, is up for the taking. Risen 3: Titan Lords is set for release in August 2014 for PC and consoles.

Risen 2 Launch Trailer Sets Sails for Dark Waters

Apr 27, 2012

Risen 2: Dark Waters is out today on PC to various digital distribution services like Steam. And here is the launch trailer. After that, go get the game!


Risen 2: Dark Waters New Console Release Date and Extra Content for Delay

Apr 20, 2012

Deep Silver announced new release dates for Risen 2: Dark Waters on consoles. The pirate RPG will now board store shelves on July 31st, 2012 in the USA and Canada and on August 3rd, 2012 in European countries. Console versions will be released on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3.

Additionally, the console versions of Risen 2: Dark Waters will now offer extra content on both platforms. They contain the episode “The Air Temple” which features several hours of additional gameplay. In this sub-plot the hero embarks on a quest to discover the lost temple, source of air magic. When he hears rumors that his old acquaintance Eldric has been seen in Antigua the hero knows that he needs to pick up his trail in order to find Storm Island, where the Air Temple is located.

Risen 2: Dark Waters for Windows PC remains on its charted course. It has already gone into production and will lift anchor on April 27, 2012. The game will be released exclusively via digital distribution for PC users in North America, and as a retail version for consoles.

About Risen 2: Dark Waters

In Risen 2: Dark Waters, the Inquisition dispatches the hero to seek a remedy against the monstrous sea creatures that are interfering with the shipping lines, thus cutting off the islands’ supplies. The pirates seem to know how to deal with these critters … but they are hardly cooperative. New gameplay elements add to the diversity of Risen 2; for example, players can also use firearms now. And, being pirates, adventurers can also employ special new skills called Dirty Tricks, allowing them to confuse or attack enemies in combat.

Risen 2: Dark Waters – Gameplay Video #4 “Using Voodoo”

Apr 06, 2012

Part Four of Four in our Risen 2: Dark Water series: The Nameless Hero uses Voodoo to take control of a drunken pirate named Jim.


Risen 2: Dark Waters – Gameplay Video #3 “Learning Voodoo”

Apr 05, 2012

Part Three of Four in our Risen 2 video series: Convincing the native Shaganumbi tribe to teach the Nameless Hero voodoo is no small task!  No kidnappings or mysterious substances needed to be dropped into drinks though, which is a pity.