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Risen 3: Titan Lords New Screenshots display the Demon Hunter faction

Jul 17, 2014

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes revealed details and a new look at the Demon Hunters in Risen 3: Titan Lords, the upcoming and anticipated role playing game, coming August 12 to PC, the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 entertainment system. The Demon Hunters are one of three dynamic factions populating the world of Risen 3. Players will have to choose their allegiance, which will greatly impact the quests, skill sets, armor and overall experience in the open-world role-playing game.

Risen 3 Titan Lords new screenshots show off the dark Guardians Guild

Jun 26, 2014

Deep Silver and Piranha Bytes unveiled details and the first screenshots surrounding the Guardians Guild in the upcoming and anticipated role playing game, Risen 3: Titan Lords, coming later this year to  PC, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Showcased via a series of visually stunning screenshots, the last Mages and their faithful Guardians face a sinister and dark menace. Once a proud and elite order, the Mages were well-respected counselors of the kings. Now, outlawed by the Inquisition, they live a secluded life on the thunderous island of Taranis. As the hero of Risen 3: Titan Lords, you have the option to join the guild of the Guardians and learn the powerful spells of their crystal magic as you traverse the land in an effort to conquer your enemies and save the world. 

Risen 3: Titan Lords releases on August 12th, 2014

May 07, 2014

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Risen 3: Titan Lords abandons ship for a classic fantasy RPG in August 2014

Feb 25, 2014

Editor’s Note: By the immediate looks, it seems that Risen 3 is shying away from the pirate-life that was prominent in Risen 2, and returning to what the focus of the original Risen was all about.

Piranha Bytes, the creators of acclaimed RPG titles Gothic and Risen, return to their origins with a new, classic RPG set to launch this year, Risen 3: Titan Lords. In the third installment of the Risen franchise, Risen 3: Titan Lords pulls players into a hand-crafted role-playing world full of rugged charm where every decision changes the course of the story and your fate, and the fate of the world, is up for the taking. Risen 3: Titan Lords is set for release in August 2014 for PC and consoles.