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SSX gets Free Title Update, Includes Two New Modes

Aug 07, 2012

Electronic Arts announced today the availability of two new game modes as part of a free title update* for EA SPORTS™ SSXBuilding upon the successful re-launch of the SSX franchise with 25 review scores of 9/10 or higher (read our review). 3-2-1-Go! Events and Freeride bring a new multiplayer and single player experience to SSX. The SSX title update is now available on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.

SSX gets Tricky-inspired DLC with New Mountain and Seven Classic Characters

May 02, 2012

Electronic Arts announced today the availability of the EA SPORTS SSX Mt. Eddie and Classic Characters DLC packs on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. Building upon the successful re-launch of the SSX franchise with 25 review scores of 9/10 or higher, the SSX DLC packs pay homage to the franchise’s rich heritage with the SSX Tricky inspired Mt. Eddie, three retro music tracks, and seven classic retro-themed characters from the SSX universe. SSX fans can purchase both packs as a bundle for $7.99 or download the packs separately for $5.99 each.


SSX Review

Mar 07, 2012

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 5 / 5 – Incredible

It is 2012 and the undisputed king of snowboarding games has returned in a reboot of sorts. In a world where extreme sports games have been left in the first half of the 2000s, SSX returns bigger, badder, and better than ever.

Let me count the ways I love the new SSX. It’s faster (60fps), prettier (1080p), and deeper (153 drop zones) than any SSX game before it. The first mode you’ll have to dive into is World Tour, scouring the globe and carving into nine locations with a tenth location being Mt. Fuji – a bonus for PS3 owners. Here you’ll gain the basics of the game through a tutorial and learn the three modes of the game: Race It, Trick It, and Survive It. All of it is pretty explanatory, except for maybe Survive It which is new to the series, more on that in a bit. The World Tour is the Story to the game, which is mostly forgettable. Not to mention the egregious explanation for what SSX stands for now (I don’t want to say it, please don’t make me say it). It won’t take you especially long to complete, as the game will cherry pick specific courses to compete across the three event types, the third being Survive It serving as the “Boss” for each area you dominate. You’ll encounter nine different environments including Ice, Whiteout, Cold, and Trees.

The inclusion of Deadly Descents [Survive It] is a fantastic tragedy as you journey into the unknown and more than likely will meet death face to face on your first time out. It is this that makes the game unsure of what it wants to be. One side you have this game where the tagline is “Defy Reality” and you are tricking off helicopters, performing impossible amounts of flips and grabs and landing perfectly on your board. On the other, you have this introduced mortality system that, if you take too much damage, deprive yourself of oxygen, or fall into a never-ending crevice – you DIE. Contrivances aside, the mode has actually grown on me quite substantially that I enjoy it the most out of any other mode just because I am the most competitive there. Outside of World Tour, you can ride to the bottom of a Deadly Descent, and should you survive – you get a helicopter that takes you to the top for you to ride down it again to increase your score.

It’s quite apparent what the game is about, tricking. Whether you’re in Race It or Survive It. Tricks are the key to earning boost, earning and using boost makes you go faster that helps you get a better race time or gets you out of some immediate danger. SSX fans prior to this game will be pleased as the face button trick system (similar to Tony Hawk) can be used to play the game or the new, more fluid (Skate-like) right analog stick control. The success you’ll have in the game is by not repeating tricks and learning when and how to perform tricks before you run out of airtime. Should you make a mistake, you can easily rewind at the sacrifice of score or time depending on the mode. If it’s a Survival event, you have a limited number of rewinds before you have to start all over.

Whether you play World Tour for a few minutes or even hours, you’ve already unlocked Explore and Global Events. Explore is the full experience in which you have access to all the drops in the game to earn Medals (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). In addition, SSX borrows from Criterion and the creation of the Autolog used in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, called RiderNet here. Anytime you get a fast time, a top score, or the highest distance on a survival drop – it’ll put it into RiderNet for your other friends to see and try to compete against. When you complete an event, you can Retry the event or have RiderNet Recommend the next drop so you never have to go back to the Google Mapesque view and pick the next location.

Many of SSX alumni show-up: Elise, Griff, Mac, Kaori, and even Eddie Wachowski from SSX Tricky. There are four new characters to play as: Tane Mumea, Alex Moreau, Ty Thorsen, and lastly Travis Rice – a real-life snowboarder is a first for the series. He will soon to be unlocked via Likes and Shares on the Facebook page. The characters are not only cosmetically different but carry different attributes with them. You no longer level them up like in SSX3 and build them up, but independently they do level up the more you use them.

By leveling up characters you can purchase better gear for your rider to do better on the slopes. You can buy new snowsuits which are only cosmetic in appearance and don’t carry any attributes. But when shopping, the only types of gear you want for snowsuits are the ones that glow – trust me, for the night courses you look like a Tron snowboarder. Outside of that you can buy new boards, and the boards carry specific attributes that make you better at speed, tricking, and boosting. Lastly, each area requires that you wear Armor, Wingsuits, or Pulse Googles. Each one of these equipment types have stats too that unlocks higher level gear as that character levels up to get the most out of it.

SSX takes an unconventional approach in the genre of game, to include colored loot with orange and purple being the best – but will cost you a lot of your in-game money to purchase and use. There’s a bit of microtransaction business going on in which you can transmute real money into in-game credits to purchase items for your characters. It’s kind of dirty, and it’s always there in the menu – but luckily it never suggests these things for you.

Badges are an in-game achievement system that you earn by performing specific tasks. You can view the entire listing here or in the game buried deep in the menu. Many of the game’s actual achievements/trophies tie into this system as well, so it is beneficial for you to learn what else you have left to do to earn them, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The crunching of the snow as you carve through it or drop into it, sounds great. The soundtrack is a great mix of rock, electronica, indie, and dubstep. It’s not “EA Trax” anymore, but you can pick and choose the tracks that play and how they play. Or you can use a custom soundtrack. What really stands out is the way the soundtrack plays, it’s dynamic. The game will on-the-fly remix the soundtrack based on what you’re doing and whether you’ve earned Tricky or Uber moves. Tricky being enabled of course puts the famous Run DMC track “It’s Tricky” over what you’re listening to.

I am a huge fan of SSX, and when “SSX: Deadly Descents” was first announced at the VGA’s a few years ago, it wasn’t very inviting and put off a lot of the fans. Since then, it has definitely been retooled and while it has a bit of identity crisis, does everything to honor the series and brings forth new elements to make things fresh and exciting for old and new fans.

Retails for: $59.99, recommended purchase price: $59.99

SSX is In Stores Now “Defy Reality, Own The Planet!”

Feb 28, 2012

Electronic Arts Inc. announced that EA SPORTS SSX is available in retail stores throughout North America today and by March 2 around the world.* For the first time ever SSX, is available in high definition on the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. One of the most critically-acclaimed titles coming out of E3, SSX is currently featured on 15 ‘Most Anticipated Games of 2012’ lists.

“We’re extremely proud to finally bring back the SSX franchise, one of the greatest wholly-owned IP franchises from EA SPORTS,” said Dean Richards, General Manager, Team & Action Sports, EA SPORTS. “We’ve built SSX with the latest technologies giving it a more modern look and feel, but everyone who has played it has agreed – this is 100 percent SSX at its core.”

A modern day reinvention of one of the most critically acclaimed arcade franchises of all-time, SSX will allow players to experience the franchise’s signature fun and adrenaline-packed gameplay across iconic regions all over the world. Using NASA topographical satellite data, SSX has a massive world for players to explore. Throughout nine expansive regions, SSX packs reality-defying gameplay into every run letting players Race, Trick, and Survive as they descend huge open mountains. In addition, Explore, Global Events and RiderNet – the SSX recommendation engine – headline an online feature set that will redefine social competition for gamers, making it fun and easy to compete with friends with no lobbies or wait times.


Trick n Grab the SSX Demo today on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network

Feb 21, 2012

EA SPORTS today announced that the highly anticipated demo for EA SPORTS SSX is now available on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network in North America. The demo will feature two tracks for gamers to experience: a race event in the Rockies and a trick event in New Zealand. The online enabled demo* will allow players to get a taste of the competition provided in the SSX main game mode – Explore. The demo will only be available for download until March 20, 2012. SSX is now featured on 15 ‘Most Anticipated Games of 2012’ lists including IGN and SSX launches on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game system on February 28 in North America and by March 2 in the rest of the world**.

Mimicking the Explore experience that will be in the final product, as players post race times and trick scores in the demo, ghosts of those runs will be uploaded to the SSX server. These ghosts are exact replicas of a player’s run, from the line that they took, to the tricks that they performed. Players will then be able to challenge their friends’ ghosts or let their own ghosts chalk up wins and losses, while they’re away from their console.

“When crafting the online experience for this new SSX, we wanted to design something that took into account people’s busy schedules and addressed the issue of not always having friends to play online with you at the same time” says Todd Batty, Creative Director, SSX. “The Explore game mode, which allows you to challenge your friends’ times and scores on your own schedule, is one part of that online design. The other half of our online design, Global Events, is built around the idea of constant ongoing live tournaments against real people in real-time, with the added flexibility of letting you drop in and out at your convenience. We think that when any gamer gets their hands on SSX they are going to have a lot of fun with our modern take on this classic franchise.”

A modern day reinvention of one of the most critically acclaimed arcade franchises of all-time, SSX will allow players to experience the franchise’s signature fun and adrenaline-packed gameplay across iconic regions all over the world. Using NASA topographical satellite data, SSX has a massive world for players to explore. Throughout nine expansive regions, SSX packs reality-defying gameplay into every run letting players Race, Trick, and Survive as they descend huge open mountains. In addition, Explore, Global Events and RiderNet – the SSX recommendation engine – headline an online feature set that will redefine social competition for gamers, making it fun and easy to compete with friends with no lobbies or wait times.

Queue the demo up on Xbox 360:

SSX – Full Soundtrack Revealed

Feb 07, 2012

EA SPORTS today unveiled the complete music track listing for EA SPORTS SSX, featuring 36 licensed tracks by established and upcoming artists and ten original tracks composed specifically for the game’s Deadly Descents. In addition, these original ten tracks – created by The Qemists, Camo & Krooked, Raffertie, and Amon Tobin – are now available for download as part of the ‘SSX’ soundtrack via iTunes.

SSX has always been one of EA’s most music intensive, genre diverse and sonically adventurous titles,” says Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music & Music Marketing. “The songs on this new soundtrack cover ground from indie rock, dub step, hip-hop, drum + bass and beyond. As fans of the ultimate snowboarding franchise have come to expect, our artists range from top cutting-edge stars to tomorrow’s hottest underground acts. Ultimately, it’s a soundtrack full of next-level music that is totally ripe for discovery.”

Gamers will have the ability to upload their own music to SSX to create custom playlists for menu and in-game music. SSX also features a dynamic music remix tool that will automatically remix licensed tracks and custom music based on the player’s actions and performance in-game.

One of the most critically-acclaimed titles coming out of E3, SSX is now featured on 14 ‘Most Anticipated Games of 2012’. SSX launches on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game system on February 28 in North America and by March 2 in the rest of the world.

The complete list of licensed tracks for the SSX soundtrack includes:



Camo & Krooked Breezeblock
Camo & Krooked Portal
Dels Capsize ft. Joe Goddard & Roots Manuva
Digitalism Blitz
DJ Shadow I Gotta Rock (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix)
Felguk ft. Example Plastic Smile
Flux Pavilion I Can’t Stop
Foster the People Houdini
Handsome Furs Damage
Hyper Accelerate
J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Magik (Egyptian Lover Remix) ft. Aima the Dream, Cait La Dee & Raashan Ahmad
Kid Digital Done With That ft. Profit
Konrad Old Money Big Error
Lateef the Truthspeaker Oakland ft. Del the Funky Homosapien & The Grouch
Nero Scorpions
Noisia Could this Be
Noisia Machine Gun
Pretty Lights Hot Like Dimes
Raffertie Twitch (It Grows and Grows: SSX Version)
Run-DMC It’s Tricky (SSX Pretty Lights Remix)
Skrillex Scatta ft. Foreign Beggers & Bare Noize
Styrofoam Ones Better
The Big Pink Stay Gold
The Herbaliser What You Asked For
The Hives 1000 Answers
The Naked and Famous Young Blood
The Prototypes Your Future
The Qemists Bones ft. Kellermensch
The Qemists Stompbox
The Qemists Lifeline
Theophilus London I Stand Alone (Ocelot Mix)
TRS-80 Mirage
Turbowolf A Rose for the Crows
Two Door Cinema Club Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
Wretch 32 Traktor
Zion I and the Grouch Drop It on the 1


SSX – Earning Badges without having to join the Boy Scouts

Feb 03, 2012

SSX has a system of in-game challenges and by completing them, you will earn Badges. Badges you’ve earned are tracked by RiderNet, which acts as your guide within SSX. Here’s a quick rundown of how the system works

News Bits: Week of April 4th

Apr 08, 2011

It is Friday. We don’t always get the news directly from the source. But I’ve rounded up some interesting news bits for this week and collected them all here. Not sure if this will be a weekly thing or not, but here goes:


Torchlight II: Monsters revealed and the game will be at E3 this June, right before launch

SSX Deadly Descents renamed to just ‘SSX’Interview with Game Informer

Mass Effect 3 cover for May issue of Game Informer


New logo and mascot, help us name him (or her I suppose)!

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