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SSX – Earning Badges without having to join the Boy Scouts

SSX has a system of in-game challenges and by completing them, you will earn Badges. Badges you’ve earned are tracked by RiderNet, which acts as your guide within SSX. Here’s a quick rundown of how the system works

Badges you can earn are split into eight categories with challenges divided between: SSX’s three main game modes – World Tour, Explore and Global Events; the three pillars of gameplay – Race It, Trick It, Survive It; plus a Gear, and an Air & Trick category.

Challenges in SSX have three levels of difficulty associated with them and completing a challenge at each level, will earn you Bronze, Silver or Gold Badges. An example of a Badge in the Explore category is ‘Are We Still Friends’ – Beat 25 Friends’ Records. In total, there are 177 Badges in the Game.

Earning all levels of specific Badges will award the player Xbox Achievements or PlayStation Trophies, depending on what console you’re playing SSX on. One example is ‘The Gold Finish’ – Collect all Gold Race Badges.

In addition to Badges, SSX also uses a Drop Bonus System in Explore and World Tour. An example of a Drop Bonus is ‘Combo Chain’ – perform a 70 trick combo. Drop Bonuses can be achieved over and over again and are awarded at the end of each run. If completed, players are rewarded with SSX Credits calculated by tallying the top three most valuable Drop Bonuses achieved per run. The first time a player achieves a Drop Bonus, they will earn a Badge.

Want to see all the Badges that SSX has to offer with an idea how to obtain them?

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