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Deadfall Adventures Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, you play as a plucky anti-hero whose family contains a long line of explorers, and you reluctantly and begrudgingly join up in this expedition for the cause of money, and pretty woman.

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Deadfall Adventures does take place in the Sahara for one location

Nordic Games has today unveiled the first of three gameplay trailers from the upcoming release of their action-driven first-person shooter Deadfall Adventures, out November 15th for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC.

The Sahara trailer gives players a glimpse of the North African region in the game. Here players will experience the intensity of the not-so-natural enemies in the stormy desert on a journey across the globe. It is just one of the many beautifully illustrated locations that players will explore for treasure, assuming the role of the action adventurer James Lee Quatermain.


Deadfall Adventures gets a physical Collector’s Edition

Nordic Games is pleased to announce that its cinematic Lost World-esque blockbuster, Deadfall Adventures, will be available as both a Collector’s Edition and Standard Edition, out on November 15th for Windows PC and the Xbox 360 Entertainment System from Microsoft.

The boxed PC and Steam version of the game can be purchased as a Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition priced $39.99 USD/EUR (£34.99) and $49.99 (£44.99) respectively, the Xbox 360 Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition are priced $49.99 (£44.99) and $59.99 (£54.99) respectively. Those who pre-order the Standard Edition through Steam will automatically be upgraded to the Collector’s Edition. In some territories, the same will be applied to the retail version, more information on the eligible territories will be published in due time.

The boxed/digital PC Collector’s Edition will include:

  • The Game
  • DLC 1: the Allan Quatermain Revolver skin (single- and multiplayer)
  • DLC 2: 3 exclusive multiplayer skins (and they remain exclusive; Arab Mercenary, Arctic Quatermain and Skeleton)
  • Making of movie (DVD)
  • Original soundtrack (Audio CD)
  • Artbook (on disc)
  • Manual (printed)

The boxed Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition will include (*):

  • The Game
  • Making of movie (DVD)
  • Original soundtrack (Audio CD)
  • Artbook (on disc)
  • Manual (printed)

*immediate availability of DLC for Xbox 360 can not be 100-percent confirmed at this time.

“What we’ve added to the Collector’s Edition is a real bonus for players; they’ll be able to enjoy the prestigious edition that includes a wealth of content that is also great value for money,” said Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director at Nordic Games. “The game will propel players into a first person shooter with around 70% action and 30% traps/riddles. We carefully balanced the pacing between action and mind work to let the story sink in properly.”

“We are really excited to deliver such a unique title to gamers all around the world. We have been working very hard to make sure that stepping in the boots of an adventurer will be a fulfilling experience for every fan of the Lost World genre” comments Artur Falkowski, Game Producer at The Farm 51. “Deadfall Adventures is a game for shooters and puzzle-solvers. It’s not just another story to finish – it’s all about traveling the world, exploration and visiting places forgotten by time. Pyramids covered in sands, monumental temples carved into ice, and remote Mayan cities; all of this awaits you in Deadfall Adventures” Falkowski adds.

The game uses Unreal Engine 3 to produce one of the finest spectacles this generation has enjoyed, as players battle natural and not-so-natural enemies. Along the way, fiendish puzzles, deadly traps and stunning set pieces will make this one of the greatest adventures ever told – let alone played.

In the long-forgotten temple complex, the thrill of the chase awakens the true adventurer in Quatermain, as he and Agent Goodwin strive to be one step ahead of the Nazis and the Russians, one step closer to obtaining the Heart of Atlantis. Deep in the temples, where age-old guardians awake from their eternal slumber, Quatermain soon learns that his great-grandfather’s stories are not as crazy as he had always believed. For all things live forever, though at times they sleep and are forgotten.

Deadfall Adventures will be released on November 15th 2013 for Windows PC and the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.


Painkiller Hell & Damnation DLC, Full Metal Rocket is available on Steam today


Nordic Games and The Farm 51 are excited to announce that Full Metal Rocket, the fourth DLC from Painkiller Hell & Damnation is available to download from Steam today.

The latest edition to the Painkiller DLC roadmap focuses on the multiplayer elements of the game. Full Metal Rocket features three new hellish multiplayer maps in gore-ious HD, new multiplayer skins, brutal enemies and a weapon along with a new Survival mode which features its own dedicated leader board.

You can Download Full Metal Rocket from Steam for only USD/EUR 3.99, GBP 2.99 here:http://store.steampowered.com/app/229250/

“With previous releases of Painkiller Hell & Damnation DLCs we got tons of feedback and fans asking for more content,” said Reinhard Pollice, Business & Product Development Director at Nordic Games. “We always want our players to be fully challenged, so with this DLC we have decided to concentrate on the multiplayer elements of the game to give them a truly immersive, hellish experience.”

The full list of features in Full Metal Rocket includes:

  • Three classic multiplayer maps now shine in their HD glory including new gameplay options: Meatless, Blink, Mines suited for different modes (Survival, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag), featuring the new Survival mode style
  •  New Survival mode: single player Survival mode with dedicated Leaderboards: play with limited ammo, and avoid being killed to gain access to weapon lockers and to proceed to the next area
  •  One new HD Survival map: Town
  • One new HD map for all multiplayer modes: Prison
  • New multiplayer skins: SS Zombie and Leper
  • New enemies: Executioner and Beast
  • New weapon for multiplayer mode: Mine

Also released today is the Painkiller Hell & Damnation DLC Bundle 1. The bundle contains all 4 of the Painkiller DLCs: Medieval Horror, The Clock Strikes Meat Night, Operation “Zombie Bunker” and Full Metal Rocket and can be downloaded from Steam for USD/EUR 14.99, GBP 13.99 here:http://store.steampowered.com/sub/27278/

Painkiller Hell & Damnation will be released for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system from Sony on May 31 st. Painkiller takes players on a demonic ride through. The campaign features an all-action crusade that can be played in single player mode, co-operative mode across four chapters, and several multiplayer-modes. A vast array of demons and fiends will be encountered along the way.


Painkiller Hell & Damnation – Release Trailer and Intro Cinematic

Nordic Games will unleash Painkiller Hell & Damnation for Windows PC on October 31, and to help you prepare for the onslaught of demons and fiends, take a look at the cinematic intro trailer here (the track “Painkiller” by Siri Svegler is not part of the original soundtrack):

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Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Review

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 4 / 5 – Awesome

Samurai demons, check. Baby skeletons, check. Burned and charred workers, check. Huge muscular monks with axes, check. It all sounds like Painkiller to me. Rather than a quick cash-in expansion, this recreation asks you to pulverize, torture, and above all odds, defeat the demonic hordes by driving wooden stakes deep into chests as you listen to blisteringly fast and loud metal. Who’s in?

The Painkiller series has mostly derailed over the years as it has reached five expansions, each with diminishing returns. Painkiller: Hell & Damnation (or cleverly shortened to Painkiller HD) is a remake of the original game and first expansion, which only came out in 2004. The game existed in a standard definition era, using the in-house PainEngine to deliver it’s blazingly fast gameplay and stunning visuals for its time. The team at The Farm 51 have painstakingly recreated the game with Unreal Engine 3 and achieving 60+ fps and looking a ton better.

The storyline follows Daniel (voiced by Jon St. Jon aka Duke Nukem) and his wife Catherine who were killed in a car accident in the dead of night with a thunderstorm raging. Daniel’s wife is being held from ascending to heaven from Death until he collects 6,666 souls, defeat 4 Generals, and then Catherine will be let go. You will quickly forget the incidental story as I did, because simply it isn’t that reliant on the narrative other than to serve the purpose of handing you an arsenal’s worth of death dealing weapons that will carve, cut, sever, and otherwise mutilate your enemies into pulp.

The forever badass stakegun returns in HD glory as it’s high-intensity and slow fire-rate deliver a powerful blow that will pin anyone to a wall. Other weapons fall into medieval torture category while following basic gun archetypes such as rocket launchers, machine guns, grenade launchers, and even a melee weapon. Each weapon has it’s own alt-fire such as shooting electricity, raising the dead, or slowing enemies. That ammo is a rare find, but well worth expending into your foes. There is even a weapon called the Painkiller, the primary fire delivers pain by slicing and the alt-fire providing pain as the top part sticks to a surface and links a laser back to the other half, great for getting kills through a doorway. New to the Painkiller series is the Soulcatcher, when combo fired, will raise the fallen enemies to fight on your side for a short time – the primary fire shoots a devastating sawblade.

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is challenging on the middle-of-the-road difficulty, and that’s how it should be. Relying on old videogame tactics of circle-strafing, maintaining a health bar while trying to minimize damage, and making it to the end of a level with only 5 health – all of which is a triumphant experience. The bosses of the game are massive creatures the size of skyscrapers. They require massive amounts of firepower and quick reflexes to defeat, but are thrilling as you have to manage foot soldiers, projectiles, boss damage, and your own health all at the same time.

The music may not be for everyone, but there is no better fit than the relentless metal that accompanies your death-dealing destruction through each level. A good rule of thumb of knowing if you’ve taken too long in a level? The music loops, then you know you’ve gone beyond par for the level. You might as well start over…

Multiplayer expands greatly in Painkiller HD. You can now go through the game’s levels with a co-op partner which scales to the increased player count. Perhaps you want to do a Survival mode, which is fine in theory but becomes tiresome if you are really good at it. There is the option to go head-to-head with other Painkillers in Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Each mode is generic, but really enjoyable as the super fast movement creates hectic, explosion-filled matches. I favor the Co-Op experience for the increased challenge and enhanced social experience you can have going through the game.

Painkiller is largely the same game, by design. It’s missing some levels that were likely cut for being dull or repetitive, but the ones remaining are designed beautifully while maintaining the gore and horror-themed nature of the original without disrupting the flow. It’s pretty easy to recommend Painkiller Hell & Damnation over all other versions and packs. It has everything you liked about the original but now with enhanced graphics, speed, multiplayer modes you want to play, a killer soundtrack, and a bodycount that’ll reach into quadruple digits.

Retails for: $19.99, Recommended Purchase Price: $14.99

A code for the game was provided by PR for review purposes


New Painkiller Hell & Damnation screenshots


Nordic games has released some work in progress screenshots of the brand new chapter in the Painkiller series, Hell & Damnation.  The Farm 51 is on board developing this title using the Unreal 3 engine.  The screenshots look gorgeous and for painkiller fans, 2004 was a long time ago since the original Painkiller but do not fret, a return to your favorite universe is on it’s way.

The Only Painkiller A Doctor Can’t Prescribe Celebrates His Comeback

Painkiller Hell & Damnation – the most painful experience for Hell’s demonic population since ‘04

VIENNA, AUSTRIA (June 4, 2012) – The legendary Painkiller series experiences its biggest leap ever with Nordic Games’ upcoming installment: Painkiller Hell & Damnation.

Painkiller Hell & Damnation is under development by The Farm 51, an experienced Gliwice/Katowice (Poland)-based development studio.

Powered by Epic’s world-renowned and highly-respected Unreal Engine 3, Painkiller Hell & Damnation recreates the sensations and hardcore gameplay of the original Painkiller. Released in 2004, Painkiller won high praise and many accolades and fans for its fast and unique gameplay. Keeping true to the old-school FPS ideology, lightning-fast movement enables skillful players to get into the heart of the fast-paced gameplay, topped off with stunning enormo-boss fights requiring sneaky tactics.

“We’re proud of the shiny new splendor of the game’s graphics, but we’re doubly proud we’ve made player skill the most important part of the game. In addition to the single player campaign, we’re putting a tremendous emphasis on the game’s multiplayer component” said Reinhard Pollice, responsible for Business & Product Development at Nordic Games.

A first build of Painkiller Hell & Damnation will be showcased to exclusive media partners at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles, California.

More information on the game will be released in due time.

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About Nordic Games GmbH

Nordic Games GmbH is a wholly owned publishing subsidiary of Nordic Games Holding AB. Founded in 2011, the Vienna/Austria based company Nordic Games GmbH puts great emphasis on its extensive game catalogue. The core portfolio comprises products and brands which have recently been acquired from JoWooD Entertainment AG and DreamCatcher Interactive Inc., and further IPs and trademarks will follow.

The company will pursue the long-term goal of delivering quality products that live up to expectations of gamers worldwide. For more information, please visit www.nordicgames.at.

About The Farm 51
The Farm 51 is a Polish video game developer focused on high quality action games for both the PC and current generation of gaming consoles. Founded in 2005 by industry veterans, The Farm 51 currently employs persons responsible for such titles as the original Painkiller, The Witcher and Two Worlds II.

The Farm 51 is best known for its first person shooters NecroVsioN and NecroVisioN: Lost Company as well as, the extremely successful PC casual game StoneLoops! and Time Ace for the Nintendo DS.

Currently, the company is headquartered in Gliwice, Poland with additional offices in Katowice and employs nearly 50 people. The Farm 51 is listed on NewConnect (a share market run by the Warsaw Stock Exchange) as of March, 2012.