Train Fever Review

Sep 11, 2014

All over the world, the advent of the locomotive created an explosion in creating trans-national travel speedy compared to other means, back in the 1800s. In PC gaming, train simulations have recaptured these historic events by allowing you total control. After a successful Gambitious campaign, Train Fever was allowed to be made, and is dubbed an “unofficial remake of Transport Tycoon“. Train Fever is a simulation game that is nation-agnostic and allows you to build up a railroad monopoly from scratch.

Train Fever coming to gamescom 2014

Jul 23, 2014


Train Fever, remake of Transport Tycoon is in need of crowd-funding

Feb 26, 2013

The computer game Train Fever was recently presented on Steam Greenlight and Gambitious, two online platforms focused on computer games. On Steam Greenlight, the project has been welcomed with countless positive comments and instantly became one of the platform’s all-time top-rated concepts.

On, the world’s first crowd funding platform exclusively dedicated to the games industry, Train Fever is by far the most successful project. By investing small amounts of money, fans of the genre not only help to make the game become a reality, but also participate in the sales revenue. Fans have already invested more than 125,000 Euro.

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