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LocoCycle (PC) Review

Feb 18, 2014

LocoCycle is just as ridiculous as prior Twisted Pixel Games have been in the past, perhaps more ambitious than previous endeavors like Splosion Man and The Gunstringer. It also features a talking motorcycle. Is it as crazy as it sounds?

The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles Coming to Windows 8

Nov 13, 2012

Twisted Pixel Games proudly presents the future of interactive entertainment: The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles. Starring Wiley Wiggins (Dazed and Confused, Waking Life) as Future Buddy and Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger, Tromeo and Juliet) as Doc Lloyd, this new experience defies simple 20th century categorizations of “game” or “film.” Video games don’t have real horses or real big fires. Films don’t allow viewers to choose who lives or dies. The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles has all those things, and a lot more.

The carefully crafted story of intrigue takes players on an adventure to find the nefarious Wavy Tube Man Jr., who has stolen a time machine to go to the past and prevent his father’s death. Take control of destiny using mouse or touch-based targeting, shooting, and more against quick-drawing cowboys and heavily armed future warriors, chasing the villain through time as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

And there’s more: Harness the new chapter select feature to go directly to your favorite scenes with no waiting. Explore the behind the scenes special features to discover the secrets of how epic Hollywood productions are made. Immerse yourself in the most lifelike visuals available on any platform, made possible by Twisted Pixel’s advanced proprietary “graphiz” technology. No longer hindered by the limitations of polygons or math, the characters and worlds of wonder come to life before your very eyes.

Coming soon to the Windows Store for Windows 8 PCs and RT tablets at the stunningly low price of $1.49, The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles is less than 1/30th the price of old media like Halo 4 or the Twilight saga. Come to the future of interactive entertainment.

Ms. Splosion Man Practices “Splokour” on Cinco De Mayo

May 04, 2012

On this Cinco de Mayo, Twisted Pixel is launching the fourth in a series of themed challenges for Ms. Splosion Man. The challenge shows up in the opening menu of the main game, but only for the duration of the contest, which runs May 5th – 20th, 2012. Twisted Pixel has a special prize in store for the top 5 leaders in this challenge.

In “Splokour”, Ms. Splosion Man does her take on the physical discipline phenome: parkour. Gracefully guide the femme fatale through the whole level without ever once touching the ground. For every time she hits the pavement the game will add 10 seconds to your final time, so try your best to stay airborne. The five (5) fastest times on the leaderboard by 11pm EST on May 20th will win a Ms. Splosion Man plushie AND a copy of Twisted Pixel’s next Xbox title, which will be announced at this year’s E3 conference on June 5th!

Everyone can play for a chance to win in this challenge, so get sploding. Be sure to get the info on what Twisted Pixel has coming up by checking in with us at E3. See you in June, and good luck on the challenge!

Real Big Shootin’ DLC for The Gunstringer is Real Big Fun

Dec 13, 2011

Today Twisted Pixel and Microsoft Studios are pleased to announce a new batch of add-on content,Real Big Shootin’ for The Gunstringer.  In this chapter of the VGA-nominated Kinect title, you find yourself going up against “Mad Dog” McDog who is out to slander your good name as the quickest draw in the west.  He will throw any challenge he can at you to trip you up, so make sure your wits are sharp and your guns are hot!


UPDATE: Winners Announced for Ms. Splosion Man Giveaway

Nov 22, 2011

It’s time for a giveaway, whaddya say?!

I know there have been a lot of games released this season, but courtesy of Twisted Pixel Games we’ve got 3 codes for the Ms. Splosion Man Table for Pinball FX2 and 2 codes for the full XBLA version of Ms Splosion Man herself.

– Pinball FX2 is free to download and comes with some free tables. However, there are some premium tables that can add-on to the game such as the Ms. Splosion Man table which you can win!

Ms Splosion Man was well-received, even by us. But you didn’t get your chance to play it yet? Now’s the time to try to win it!

Below is pretty straight-forward on how to enter. So best of luck to all participants! View the winners!


The Gunstringer Review

Oct 03, 2011

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 5 / 5 – Incredible

Originally coming to Xbox 360 as the “First Xbox Live Arcade Kinect” game, is the Gunstringer from Twisted Pixel Games. They’re known for their 360-exclusive downloadable titles: The Maw, Splosion Man, Comic Jumper, and Ms. Splosion Man. Somewhere during development, the project shifted from being an XBLA title to a full retail release. Stepping out from the normal downloadable release has done Twisted Pixel well, providing the best Kinect game to date – in fact, this feels like the first true GAME for Kinect.

The premise here is that you are controlling a marionette and putting on a play. Twisted Pixel’s penchant for full motion video returns with a vengeance here. As there may have been little bits here and there, but with a full retail release probably expanded that exponentially. Some fourth wall stuff makes it interesting and worth watching. There are four plays and five acts per play that make-up the story of The Gunstringer’s revenge on getting those in his gang that betrayed, buried, and left him for dead. It’s not all serious, most of the plays are hilarious and entertaining, containing elements of comedy such as a love child between a Lumberjack and an Alligator. Unless you’re not into that.

This is a Kinect game through and through, so there is no gamepad option. You control using your hands (naturally). You will be reminded of the “pat your head and rub your belly” test of dexterity.  You move the Gunstringer (character) with your left hand (or right if you use “Lefty Mode”) and shoot with your right hand shaped like a gun. Over a short period of time, everything will feel natural. In a surprising twist, this is the first Kinect game that encourages you to sit down and play. During loading screens, the game frequently reminds you of this. It works well, so you might as well try and it see how it works for you. I found the controls to be a bit finicky here as it tried to read what is your leg and what’s your hand – your experience may be different.

Through playing the game, whether sitting or standing never feels like exercise. You may sweat a little here and there, but the motions are short and responsive. The Kinect tracking really shows off here, as it detects you a lot better than other games for the motion tracking camera. You paint targets with the reticle and then with a swift pull back on your wrist or arm towards your shoulder, will then begin shooting his 6-shooter and one-hit kill his enemies. There’s a variety of actions: running and shooting, dual wielding, side-scrolling and platforming, etc. All of it is easy to perform.

All of The Gunstringer’s movements are on-rails, meaning you don’t have control whether your stop or not. There are non-moving sections while you take cover to shoot, but those are strewn about each level. There are even some areas where you are riding on a flying object and it feels just like a motion controlled Panzer Dragoon. While these on-rail events occur, you’re required to thread the needle. That is to say, it requires precision that depending your lighting may be detrimental to your score, patience, and experience. On the subject of dual wielding, we’ve all wondered how it would be possible to do true dual wielding in a modern game. I think the Kinect has solved that. Independently tracking each firearm and even allowing them to criss-cross without some sort of miscalculation. It’s really exciting to play these sections. It looks and feels as fun as you would think.

Some elements repeat over time, but each setting is different – the final act being the most diverse and visually pleasing. Each play is capped by a boss battle that requires a lot of finesse. It’s a 2D fight in which you you must avoid a boss’ attacks – then retaliate once they dizzy themselves. Physics are heavily involved in that you can’t swing too hard and/or wildly or you’ll accidentally hit the boss when it’s not time, a projectile he or she is throwing, etc. Each boss fight is basically the same, with little variety – but easy to take down unless you play on Hardcore difficulty and your health and score will drop drastically.

If you fail at any point, you can resume from a checkpoint though your score will be reset to 0. Or you can restart the level entirely. The standard difficulty is much different than Comic Jumper or Splosion Man games, meaning it’s much more forgiving and ultimately enjoyable. It’s experience they allow you to finish quickly an easily. Though, as I said before – Hardcore can provide that extra challenge if needed. The ending, while I will keep it protected, provides something clever and makes good use of another Kinect feature not often thought of.

There’s a lot of replayability in the game. You can go back to earn higher medals, play on Hardcore, or play with a friend. Co-op is handled differently than you’d expect, one player is red and a second gun is controlled by the second player in blue, but no second character exists. There are plenty of  extras to unlock in the bonus store – commentary, videos, pictures, and even an achievement.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better value here. The Gunstringer is absolutely fantastic at $40 by itself. But it’s inclusion of an XBLA Kinect game (the first) and free DLC makes this a deal you can’t pass up and will provide a lot of entertainment and replayability and makes your investment in a Kinect worth it.

Retails for: $39.99, recommended purchase price: $39.99

An Xbox 360 copy of the game was provided by Twisted Pixel Games for Review purposes

BONUS: The Gunstringer comes with Fruit Ninja Kinect, an XBLA game which normally costs $10 – you get for free. Though it is just a code to download the game, you can’t install the game from the disc. Additionally, the first DLC called “The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles” is a departure from the main game, playing more akin to Mad Dog McCree than The Gunstringer. It’s highly entertaining and the length of a whole play. It’s free, out now, and is well worth your time and shows off more FMV love and Twisted Pixel’s bizarre, twisted humor.