Ubisoft extends its Happy Playdays, offering more time to grab free PC games

Dec 18, 2017

Now here’s your chance to grab the games you missed, or haven’t grabbed any yet.

Watch Dogs 2 Review

Dec 12, 2016

Watch Dogs was an interesting new IP that came out in 2014. It took the Assassin’s Creed molded Ubisoft open-world formula, and set it in a modern day world with hacking as your tool in place of a hidden blade. It wasn’t perfect, the characters kind of sucked, but I enjoyed it.

Watch_Dogs has you playing as T-Bone in new Bad Blood DLC

Sep 03, 2014

[youtube http://youtu.be/R3xhi29FNao]

Watch Dogs Review

Jul 01, 2014

When Watch Dogs debuted at E3 2012 and was shown off again at E3 2013, there was a ton of excitement about this game. It did a good job of showcasing all of the systems at work in the game, and how they seemingly were a step above previous generation games. Not only that, but Watch Dogs (along with the defunct Star Wars 1313) was the first current generation game we actually saw.

Watch Dogs 101 Trailer

May 13, 2014

[responsive_youtube lg8OO4E6byM]

ORIGIN PC goes kinda crazy, gives away a Free EVGA Tegra Note 7 Tablet with Every Gaming PC

May 06, 2014

ORIGIN PC announced today an exclusive promotion on their award-winning line of GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, CHRONOS desktops and EON laptops. Customers who purchase any ORIGIN PC gaming desktop or laptop starting today will receive a free digital copy of the highly anticipated PC title, Watch Dogs and a free EVGA Tegra NOTE 7 tablet. The EVGA Tegra NOTE 7 tablet is the perfect traveling companion – combining a lightning-fast NVIDIA Tegra 4 mobile processor, a brilliant 7-inch HD display in a sleek, comfortable design and up to 32GB of expandable storage. Play the latest games at full speed, capture stunning photos, watch HD video for up to ten hours and listen to your favorite music with NVIDIA PureAudio. It’s mobile freedom at the speed of life and free of charge only from ORIGIN PC. Users can download the free Watch Dogs ctOS Mobile Companion application through the Google Play Store with their new EVGA Tegra NOTE 7 tablet to play with a friend!

Watch Dogs to get a Season Pass

Apr 30, 2014

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Ubisoft shows off 8 Minutes of Watch Dogs Multiplayer

Apr 23, 2014

[responsive_youtube CUIowUR4r0o]

Watch_Dogs will release on May 27th, 2014

Mar 06, 2014

[responsive_youtube J8tVPeEN2qo]

Watch_Dogs Dedsec Trailer from Gamescom 2013

Aug 21, 2013

Discover Dedsec, the most famous hacker group in the universe of Watch Dogs and hear their message of truth: “The ctOS system is flawed, it is time to wake up!”

Watch_Dogs: Gameplay Series Part 1_Hacking is Your Weapon

Aug 13, 2013

A software bug led to a breakdown of services during the Northeast blackout of 2003, including communication, transportation and power. Now, 10 years later, how much more secure are we? See the hacking features in Part 1 of the Watch Dogs gameplay series and discover how vulnerable we are.