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Forza Motorsport 6 Review

Buckle up that 5-point harness you’ve attached to the couch, you know that one your significant other yelled to you about the other day. Slip on those racing gloves you bought on a whim from the local auto parts store and confidently say “Xbox On” because Forza Motorsport 6 has arrived. Those coming off Forza Horizon 2 should not compare Forza Motorsport 6 to that, this game stands on its own as the best Motorsport title in the series

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Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings Review

Can you have a great sports title without the pro teams? If this question was asked in the early years of gaming the answer would be yes and games like R.B.I. Baseball and Tecmo Bowl come to mind. Although looking at things these days usually produces a different answer, so it’s rare to see a non licensed sports game let alone a fun to play one. Super Mega Baseball’s is up at bat and there’s already a full count, which way does it go?

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OWC 1TB Hybrid Drive Upgrade Kit for Xbox One Review

Let’s face it, the storage in these consoles have already hit a wall. There’s just so many games that have to either be downloaded or installed that the internal 500GBs just isn’t enough anymore. Unlike it’s Sony competitor, the Xbox One’s internal HDD can not be so easily changed. In fact doing so will void your warranty; so what’s a gamer to do then? The answer is very simple, external storage.

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Farming Simulator 2015 (PS4) Review

The “simulator” genre has gotten quite crowded over the years with some… Now wait just a gosh darn second, this is sounding quite familiar. Let me do a quick search of the site and, ah yes I did review Farming Simulator 2015 back on the PC. Well if you’ve played, or read my review, you know that the PC version is a joy to play if you’re into that micro/macro-managing of a farm. The PlayStation 4 works plays just as well and is just as enjoyable.

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Titan Souls Review

If you know me, you know I hate games that make me frustrated. Typically that’s resevered for games that become so difficult that it takes me out of the world and instantly I lose any enjoyment. Then there are difficult games that can still be hard and frustrating but keep me engaged. A recent example of this being the Dark Souls series. Even with endless deaths and angry glares aimed at my TV screen, I can pin point my frustration of failure at my hands, not at bad design. There has been only one other game so far this year that has invoked that same sense of frustration, but kept me coming back for more like I was its, um, well let’s not go there.

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Shovel Knight (XB1 & PS4) Review

You may be looking at the screen shots of this game thinking “Not another indie game using 8-bit art” but dismissing it like that is just hurting yourself. Yacht Club games nailed it with Shovel Knight. Invoking the style of the 2nd and 3rd generation of consoles (NES, SNES, Genesis), Shovel Knight brings you to the simpler yet harder days of gaming where levels were hard and graphics blocky.

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Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One Review

The Razer Kraken headset for the Xbox One is a comfortable headset with great sound quality. You could use more expensive headsets, pay twice as much, and get the same results as the straightforward Kraken.

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Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Moon Studios, the team behind Ori and the Blind Forest for the Xbox One and PC can say they have made one of the most impressive 2D platformers this generation. With Microsoft publishing, they’ve brought us one very beautiful and fun to play game that will hook you till the very end. …continue reading » Ori and the Blind Forest Review


ScreamRide Review

ScreamRide is a roller coaster construction game, putting you in the shoes of an employee at the Screamworks International Research Facility. Part of your research is to build coasters where intensity and excitement are top priorities. Even if it means launching people into destructible buildings or sending them flying into aircraft. This game is a hoot. It’s simple to play and easy to get hooked beating high scores. Giving you three different modes of play from intense action to tickling your creativity bone, you could say it’s quite a wild…ride.

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Watch us Livestream ScreamRide *Update: Archived*

Heres a live preview of ScreamRide, the newest game from Frontier Developments Ltd. These fine folks have also brought us Zoo Tycoon and Roller Coaster Tycoon.

*Update* Livestream is finished, here’s the archive