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Capcom Announces New Titles in Miami


Welcome to Miami.  This year’s Captivate, Capcom’s annual media showcase, has unearthed some news on upcoming titles in Capcom’s stable.  The games the ole’ Cappy is working on are a brand new franchise and a re-imagining of a current title.



Dragon’s Dogma in name alone sounds pretty wicked.  After reading up on what this game is, I get the mix of Oblivion meets Mass Effect vibe.  It’s an Action game set in a open world universe.

Dragon s Dogma 10 bmp jpgcopy

To bring the world to life, you’ll encounter hundreds of NPCs who will be voiced and large variety of creatures to slay including the game’s namesake, Dragons. Graphically the game is using the same engine powering Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2.  Oh and did I mention it’s being designed from the same team that brought us Resident evil 4 and Devil May Cry 4, pretty exciting.

Dragon s Dogma 01 bmp jpgcopy

You’ll have 3 team mates following your hero around developing based on your actions over time.  Every decision you make has an effect of the world and game play which sounds an awful lot like Mass Effect.  Not saying that bad in the least as maybe this will FINALLY be my Mass Effect with Dragons game.  Your character’s physique and weaponry can effect game play, think Monster Hunter.  There isn’t much out for the story yet but it seems your hero and party are after some sort of Mysterious Dragon.

Dragon s Dogma 04 bmp jpgcopy

They have no release date set yet, all that they’ve said is early 2012 but I can’t wait to hear more about this game.




REJOICE!  Frank West has returned.  Everyone’s favorite lovable photo journalist gets a starring role in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record.  The game is a re-imagining of the events that took place in Fortune City but this time your following Mr. West.  There will be new scenarios for Frank to be involved with; it’s not just going to be a rehash of Chuck Greene’s story with Frank instead so don’t expect the same game.

DR2OTR zombiethrow

There will be new environments in Fortune City to survive in and brand new enemies the player will encounter.  Capcom says there will be more pyschotic psychos and brand new combo weapons, deadly and hilarious.  The key feature for Frank was his camera and Dead Rising’s Prestige Points system.  Capcom brings the camera back into the spotlight having players earn PP for creative shots like Erotica and Brutality.

DR2OTR cameraview

When the game ships, there will be some under the hood work as well.  The load times will have decreased, network performance will have improved, and various other technical changes that will enhance the Dead Rising 2 experience.  Those Zombie vacation photos will will start to develop on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 this fall.

DR2OTR smileplease