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Civilization V Hotseat Mode Incoming!


Civilization V, in my personal opinion, is one of the best Civilization games to date, to the point where my girlfriend, who has had no experience with Civilization games in the past, has jumped in and started playing (and beaten me quite a bit). However, the biggest thing that was missing from Civ V was hotseat multiplayer – turn based strategy games are the most ideal games to have hotseat multiplayer, yet Civ V shipped without it. A few days ago, Greg on the 2K Games board announced that, with the next major patch, hotseat multiplayer will be introduced! This will make quite a few people (including myself) very happy.

The time has come to reveal the “much-requested addition” that I teased you all with in the most recent patch notes.

Hotseat is coming in the next big patch, which is currently slated for a June or possibly early July release.

For those of you that do not know, Hotseat is a method of playing multiplayer where multiple players take turns on the same computer. When one player’s turn is over, they get up and let the other player sit down to play their turn. We’ve received many requests for the ETA for this mode being added to the game and so I’m very happy to get to bring this to you guys today.

Also, this patch will contain far more than just Hotseat. The other details of the patch will be revealed in the future, but I wanted to get you guys this big news as soon as I could!