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Duke Nukem Forever demo out June 3rd!

If you’ve purchased the Borderlands: GOTY Edition or pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever, you should have received a VIP Access Token and signed up for your choice of platform. And now, on June 3rd you’ll get access to the demo.

From e-mail:

Where were you the first time you played Duke Nukem Forever?

You’ll have your answer on June 3 when the Duke Nukem Forever demo is released exclusively through the First Access Club.

Only First Access Club members like yourself will get to sample the most legendary shooter of all time before the long-awaited game is released on June 10 (International) and June 14 (North America).
Get ready.

It’s almost here.

There is no explanation as to what KIND of demo it is, but it is most likely single-player and something we’ve read or seen about before – but this time it will be in OUR OWN HANDS!