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Twister Mania Heading to Kinect

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Twister is heading to Kinect and if you are not as excited as I am to tell you about it, then there is something wrong with you. From the guys at Majesco Entertainement, who gave us games like BloodRayne and Psychonauts, they have teamed up with Hasbro to bring your favorite party game to the Xbox 360. Twister Mania is specially designed for the Kinect bringing up new game modes of the classic party game. The game promises to be a great game to play with your family and you will wanting to play Twister Mania more than any other game in your household. The game will support up to eight players and you will have up to three game modes to choose from. You are going to be asked to duck, squeeze and move your body in a whole bunch of different directions. The game is due out just in time for your mothers to buy it for you this christmas. So be sure to check store shelves this November so you can pick up one of the very few Kinect game to come out in 2011.