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Killing Floor Free Weekend Started + New Trailer AND 75% Discount!

Tripwire Interactive are happy to announce that the Killing Floor Free Weekend is now on! And not only is the game free to play for everyone from Thursday 8 Dec through Sunday 11 Dec, but we have just started the Twisted Christmas 2 event AND released a new Winter Weapon pack – all free too. To show it all off, we’ve just released a new trailer as well. To round the package off, the game will available at a 75% discount on Steam throughout the free weekend.


That takes the game up to:

  • • 30+ weapons to shoot, burn, blow up and chop up monsters with
  • • 10 different Zeds to use them on before they chew your face off
  • • 7 different Perks to level up – build the skills you need!
  • • Over 170 Steam achievements to go for to prove it
  • • Get special achievements during our events to unlock unique playable characters
  • • 20+ official maps and hundreds of community-made maps to play on
  • • DLC character packs also available

Hundreds of thousands of people have played the game – and keep coming back – so, if you aren’t yet one of them, now is your chance to get into the game completely free!

The new weapons, new map and the whole Twisted Christmas event is now available.  The game will be free to play through Sunday 11 December, while the Twisted Christmas event runs through 4 January. Bring friends – you know you want to! Baddest Santa is only unlockable during the Twisted Christmas event – so don’t miss out! For more information, take a look at the web page for the event:

Killing Floor is available now on Steam at a 75% discount (, Direct 2 Drive and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.