Killing Floor 2 coming to PlayStation 4

Dec 06, 2014


Killing Floor’s annual Halloween Update and Sale is back

Oct 24, 2013

Its Halloween and time for the Killing Floor Hillbilly Horrors to be let loose on the world again. This year, they have taken over Martel Halliday’s Freight Yard, turning it into a Killing Floor Fright Yard. There is a new map for everyone who owns the game, in both Objective Mode and Wave Mode, along with new achievements, another chance to unlock the Chickenator and the Grim Reaper characters AND the Portal 2 Potato achievements.

New DLC, as well, naturally:

  • Reggie the Rocker premium DLC character, mumbling and stumbling his way around the world, waving big guns
  • Camo Weapon Pack: we’ve had enough of bling, so we went with camo this time. Including the perfect camo for the zombie apocalypse: splatter camo.
  • Us and Them Weapon Pack: 2 new Horzine prototype weapons and 2 weapons “by the people, for the people”!

And, to help you persuade your friends, the game will be 75% off during the Halloween period on Steam (50% off all DLC).

Killing Floor is available now on Steam (, Greenman Gaming and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.

Killing Floor Twisted Christmas…in Space

Dec 13, 2012

This Christmas Tripwire Interactive has a whole new twist on killing the undead playable right now: Zeds in Space! Horzine’s Moonbase is the setting for the new map, on the dark side of the moon. One small step for Zed? Actually, giant leaps for Zedkind, up there in low gravity. You’ll believe Zeds can fly – and they certainly will when you smack them with the new Dwarfs!? Axe. If they are jumping around too much for your tastes, hit them with the stasis field on the Zed Eradication Device, which can be found scattered in pieces around the new Moonbase map. Or just zap them. There is a brand new weapon for the Medics amongst you, too – the Schneidzekk Medic Gun, with a nice high rate of fire AND healing darts. New achievements too, naturally.

As always, you only need to own Killing Floor to play all of this for free from now until 4 January. To use the Dwarfs!? Axe, you just need to earn 40,000 gold in Dwarfs!? Free-to-Play (, or buy/already own the full game  (

All your old favorites are back for Twisted Christmas III as well: all the Christmas specimens are back, along with another opportunity to unlock Baddest Santa, for those of you who haven’t had the chance.

On top of all that free stuff, there is also a new weapon pack, for those that like to bling out their armory. There are gold-plated versions of the AK-47, the Combat Shotgun, Katana and the M79 – which even gets its own matching, shiny rounds! And a very special single character pack, in the science fiction theme: Horzine’s Domestic Assistance Robot (DAR, to its friends), cleaning up the cosmos, one specimen at a time!

The new weapons, new map and the whole Twisted Christmas event is now available. Christmas Zeds. A Moonbase map in low gravity.  Baddest Santa is only unlockable during the Twisted Christmas event – so don’t miss out! For more information, take a look at the web page for the event:

Killing Floor is available now on Steam (, Direct 2 Drive and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.

Hillbilly Horrors Halloween Event for Killing Floor

Oct 23, 2012

They are coming. I can hear the distant sound of banjo music and pork rind chomping. It was only a matter of time before it happened… Killing Floor has been overrun by redneck zombies!!! Yep, it is that time of year once again: Halloween. And, here at Tripwire Interactive, we can’t have Halloween without a barrel of fun for Killing Floor. So we’re happier than a pig in slop to bring you the brand new Hillbilly Horrors event, which starts on the 23rd October and runs through to 6th November. Free to everyone who owns Killing Floor, as always. With a big ol’ sale to go along – 75% off Killing Floor and 50% off all DLC for the duration of the event.


Red Orchestra 2 and Killing Floor get Steam Workshop support and is Weekend Deal

Sep 21, 2012

Tripwire Interactive has always been huge supporters of community-made content and encouraged people to make their own content for our games. Not a big surprise really, when you remember they started out as a mod team! And now, to make all that content much more manageable, they are adding full Steam Workshop support to Killing Floor now AND Red Orchestra 2 very soon.

For the players, this means that you can find new content for your favorite Tripwire Interactive titles on the Steam Workshop. You will find a ton of community-made maps, mutators and mods of all kinds in there. More importantly, you can subscribe to content you like and be sure that you will always have the latest version as Steam Workshop will automatically download it for you and update it whenever the creator puts a new version in the Workshop. On top of that, it is the perfect place for feedback – rate pieces you try, create collections and share them with your friends. With all that functionaility, it is also perfect for the creators. When you create something, you can put it straight in front of the whole fanbase, get feedback, improve and update again. For example – all the maps entered for the $35,000 RO2 Counterattack Mapping Contest will be on the Workshop soon, so you can vote for your favorite.

To celebrate, they’ve also created a Tripwire Interactive game bundle – all of their games, starting from the very early days on Steam through to the current day. This means Red Orchestra 1 and 2, Killing Floor (with the DLC), The Ball and Dwarfs, all in one pack at the amazingly reasonable price of $59.99. And we’re selling that at a66% discount for the weekend – under $20 for all those games!

For all you creators of content – start loading it up. For the rest of us – lets go find some new add-ons for our favorite games!

Killing Floor Summer Sideshow Event 2012

Jul 06, 2012

The Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event is back for a limited time and starts right now!! Knowing just how much fun everyone has had with Killing Floor special events, we could hardly let the Summer pass without celebrating it in true Killing Floor style. So all your favorite Summer Sideshow freaks are back, with the addition of a new map, new achievements, new weapons all for free to anyone that owns the game. We’ve also cooked up new playable DLC characters for you and created our craziest trailer to date – think Killing Floor monster truck rally commercial style!

The new free content starts with the map Hellride – a cute little carnival ride through Heaven and Hell only the monsters on this ride are real. The event also brings 5 new weapons for you, also free. For all those of you who like to collect the playable characters, Steampunk Mr Foster can now be unlocked again, but only for the duration of the event. Also included is a brand new DLC pack of 4 playable characters – the Urban Nightmare crew.

On top of that, we’re introducing Harold Lott, a tribute to the whole Loadsamoney generation and bastion of 1980s taste. Not only can you all run around shouting “Money, money, money” in-game – with Harold’s special particle effect, you will be able to leave your own trail of dosh all over the place!

The event runs from 5th July through 23rd July, so make the most of it!


Killing Floor celebrates 1 Million Sold

Feb 14, 2012

Tripwire Interactive are thrilled to announce that Killing Floor has sold more than 1 million copies on PC – and is still selling strongly! This is a major achievement from any game studio as few games, even multi-million-dollar AAA titles, ever sell over 1 million copies on PC. As a truly independent outfit who have funded ourselves all the way, we are particularly proud of the achievement. Our thanks go to all the developers of the Killing Floor mod and everyone on the team here at Tripwire Interactive, who’s continued support has made the game such a huge success.  We would also like to thank all the members of the community who have made maps and other add-ons for the game, with the Killing Floor SDK. And, most importantly, we offer our thanks to all of the fans and everyone who has bought the game over the past two years and helped make Killing Floor the cultural phenomenon that it is today.

As everyone loves stats, here are some of the important ones:

  • • 1.1 MILLION copies of Killing Floor sold on PC in 2 and a half years
  • • Nearly 2 million Killing Floor DLC packs sold
  • • 45 MILLION hours of Killing Floor played to date
  • • 440 MILLION Zeds have been dispatched in Achievements alone – including more than a quarter-million Christmas Santa
  • • Zeds are being killed by you at the rate of over 20,000 an hour!
  • • Hundreds of custom maps have been created by the community

But we’re not just here to brag! In fact we’ve decided to do something very special to celebrate the 1 million copies milestone. For the next three days we’re practically giving the game away with a massive discount of 85% as the “Midweek Madness” feature on Steam this week. That is the cheapest we’ve ever sold the game for. If you have friends who don’t yet play the game, now is the time to educate them on the joys of Killing Floor. You all go on playing the games we make for PC and we’ll go on making and supporting them!

Killing Floor will be available this week on the Steam “Midweek Madness” sale at a staggering 85% discount ( The game is also available on Gamers’ Gate, Gamefly, Green Man Gaming and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.

Killing Floor Free Weekend Started + New Trailer AND 75% Discount!

Dec 09, 2011

Tripwire Interactive are happy to announce that the Killing Floor Free Weekend is now on! And not only is the game free to play for everyone from Thursday 8 Dec through Sunday 11 Dec, but we have just started the Twisted Christmas 2 event AND released a new Winter Weapon pack – all free too. To show it all off, we’ve just released a new trailer as well. To round the package off, the game will available at a 75% discount on Steam throughout the free weekend.


Killing Floor celebrates Twisted Christmas 2 starting today

Dec 07, 2011

As many of the fans have already guessed, Santa’s bringing plenty of gifts for the Killing Floor community this Christmas season! First up, the holiday event of the season is back with the Killing Floor Twisted Christmas 2 event, starting tomorrow December 7th and running through January 4th. The event features an all new level, Ice Cave, as well as brand new Twisted Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit. But wait – there’s more! Santa is bringing even more gifts – the Winter Weapon Pack, with seven brand new weapons complete with new achievements, free to everyone who owns the game. Returning from last year’s event we have Christmas themed specimens replacing all of the regular baddies, Santa’s Evil Lair, Christmas themed achievements and the chance for those who missed unlocking the special Baddest Santa character last year to grab him this time around. On top of all that, another character pack DLC – Steampunk 2, bringing you the rest of the Steampunk-styled characters to complete the set. And, just so everyone can try it out, the whole lot is free to play this weekend (8 Dec – 11 Dec)!

Here’s the details on the new weapons:

• The Sharpshooter gets a shiny .44 Magnum revolver – good for dual-wielding for even more stopping power.

• The Commando picks up a US Army surplus M-4 Carbine, with a nice, new red dot sight fitted.

• For Demolitions, we’ve removed the sight and added the under-slung M-203 single shot grenade launcher. Wonderful all-purpose weapon!

• Support Specialists can get their hands on a semi-automatic combat shotgun.

• Berserkers can go all Scottish, with a massive two-handed Claymore. Perfect for the holiday season…

• Following on from Horzine’s earlier experiments with healing darts, they have now provided the Medic with an MP5 machine pistol, mounting a dart-firing device.

• Ripped from the arm of a dead Husk the Firebug gets his asbestos-covered hands on the fireball launching Huskgun!!! Charge this baby up and watch the zeds explode in a ball of flames!

The new weapons, new map and the whole Twisted Christmas event will be available with the upcoming Free Weekend for the game, which starts this Wednesday – 7th December. Bring friends – you know you want to! Baddest Santa is only unlockable during the Twisted Christmas event – so don’t miss out! For more information, take a look at the web page for the event:

Killing Floor is available now on Steam (, Direct 2 Drive and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.

Killing Floor FREE WEEKEND on Steam

Nov 30, 2011

With the Christmas holiday closing in, Tripwire Interactive is offering Killing Floor FREE to play to everyone for a long weekend, starting on Thursday, December 8th, 2011 and running through to Sunday, December 11th. This will give everyone who has not yet played the game a chance to try it out completely free! And there is a little surprise lurking as well… check out the Mystery Images on the Killing Floor Official Game Group on Steam for clues:

Killing Floor is available now on Steam (, Direct 2 Drive and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.

Killing Floor Halloween Sideshow Event on now to November 3rd

Oct 28, 2011

The cast of creatures had so much fun during the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow event that they have decided to come back for an encore – now all dressed up for Halloween. This time under the big top the sideshow features such baddies as the Frankenpound, Husk-O-Lantern, Werebunny and more. On top of that, there are a new batch of special Halloween achievements, set (appropriately enough) in Bedlam. Complete these achievements during the event and you will unlock an all new playable character – Commando Chicken. With this event, you’ll also have the chance to earn all the Summer Sideshow achievements and unlock Steampunk Mr Foster, if you missed him the first time around.

The event will only run from 27 October 2011 through 3 November 2011, so make the most of it! All completely free to everyone who owns Killing Floor, as always.

We’ve got a new web page for the event at:

Killing Floor is available now on Steam (, Direct 2 Drive and other digital outlets, as well as in stores across the world.