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Hillbilly Horrors Halloween Event for Killing Floor

They are coming. I can hear the distant sound of banjo music and pork rind chomping. It was only a matter of time before it happened… Killing Floor has been overrun by redneck zombies!!! Yep, it is that time of year once again: Halloween. And, here at Tripwire Interactive, we can’t have Halloween without a barrel of fun for Killing Floor. So we’re happier than a pig in slop to bring you the brand new Hillbilly Horrors event, which starts on the 23rd October and runs through to 6th November. Free to everyone who owns Killing Floor, as always. With a big ol’ sale to go along – 75% off Killing Floor and 50% off all DLC for the duration of the event.

[youtube=]So listen up y’all! Down yonder is the all new Hillbilly Horrors map – a redneck homestead complete with cars on blocks, junk laying everywhere, hidden secrets, and populated, of course, by bloodthirsty zombie hillbillies. And if that don’t beat all there are 15 new achievements, 6 of them for the duration of the event only, that give you the ability to unlock the Grim Reaper himself to play as. You’ll be as happy as a tornado in a trailer park when you get your hands on the four new weapons we’ve cooked up for you – the MKb42(h) assault rifle (a favorite of many heroes in the battle of Stalingrad), a WWII trench shotgun firing incendiary rounds, the Vlad 9000 nail gun that’ll nail the heads of the zombies to the barn door and a new specialist grenade for the Medic that will heal your teammates and poison those pesky zombie critters. That crazy guy in a chicken suit is also back this year as character DLC but with a twist – he’s now a cyborg chicken affectionately known as The Chickenator.

Now lets all simmer down for a moment to talk about an extra piece that we are real excited about. We’ve always supported the community’s efforts to create mods, maps, monsters and anything else for our games. In the past, the only way we’ve been able to reward people for their modding efforts was by running mapping and modding contests with prizes. Now, for the first time, we are giving modders the opportunity to earn cash directly from their work. The brand new Community Weapons Pack from the IJC modding team will be available as DLC, with money going to the crew that created it. It is our hope that this opens the door to a whole new relationship with the community. One in which we’re able to expand the new Killing Floor Steam Workshop so that the players have far more control of what makes it into the game AND we can reward the best community content makers directly. This first community weapon pack contains:

  • The Scythe: This is pretty much what you would expect. Long handle. Long blade. Good for reaping corn, wheat – or shambling monsters.
  • Tommy Gun: The Thompson sub-machine gun is an absolute classic of design and functionality, beloved by soldiers and gangsters for decades!
  • Flare pistol: A classic wild west revolver modified to shoot fireballs! Grab two of them for twice the fun. What Firebug wouldn’t want this addition to his arsenal?
  • Buzzsaw Bow: A crossbow modified to shoot spinning saw blades sounds insane, and it is. That’s why we gave this weapon to the Berserker. Just watch that little blade of death bounce around!
Y’all can find all the details on the Hillbilly Horrors event on the event web page over yonder: All y’all can get Killing Floor now on Steam (, all major digital outlets and in stores across the world. There’s 75% off the game, 50% all DLC for the duration of the event on Steam. Don’t forget to check out the new trailer, share it with all your friends, force them to watch it over and over again… well you get the idea! The Hillbilly Horrors event only lasts until 6th November, so don’t y’all miss your chance to experience THE gaming event this Halloween, you hear?!