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Red Orchestra 2 and Killing Floor get Steam Workshop support and is Weekend Deal

Tripwire Interactive has always been huge supporters of community-made content and encouraged people to make their own content for our games. Not a big surprise really, when you remember they started out as a mod team! And now, to make all that content much more manageable, they are adding full Steam Workshop support to Killing Floor now AND Red Orchestra 2 very soon.

For the players, this means that you can find new content for your favorite Tripwire Interactive titles on the Steam Workshop. You will find a ton of community-made maps, mutators and mods of all kinds in there. More importantly, you can subscribe to content you like and be sure that you will always have the latest version as Steam Workshop will automatically download it for you and update it whenever the creator puts a new version in the Workshop. On top of that, it is the perfect place for feedback – rate pieces you try, create collections and share them with your friends. With all that functionaility, it is also perfect for the creators. When you create something, you can put it straight in front of the whole fanbase, get feedback, improve and update again. For example – all the maps entered for the $35,000 RO2 Counterattack Mapping Contest will be on the Workshop soon, so you can vote for your favorite.

To celebrate, they’ve also created a Tripwire Interactive game bundle – all of their games, starting from the very early days on Steam through to the current day. This means Red Orchestra 1 and 2, Killing Floor (with the DLC), The Ball and Dwarfs, all in one pack at the amazingly reasonable price of $59.99. And we’re selling that at a66% discount for the weekend – under $20 for all those games!

For all you creators of content – start loading it up. For the rest of us – lets go find some new add-ons for our favorite games!