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Red Orchestra 2 Community Map Pack and Free Weekend on Steam

ro2-freeweekendNow that the $35,000 Counterattack Mapping Contest for Red Orchestra 2 has concluded and helped us find the best community made maps on Steam Workshop, Tripwire Interactive has worked with the original map makers to polish them up and add them into the game as Official Custom Maps. Today they are releasing four of those maps for Red Orchestra 2 completely free – they will be automatically added to your game through Steam. And, to make sure that everyone gets a chance to try them out, we’re making Red Orchestra 2 free to play for the weekend (Thu 4 Apr through Sun 7 Apr). Just head for Steam, download the game and play.

These are some of the best maps you’ll see – adding some great new gameplay. All are included for free for everyone who owns the game. Don’t forget there are more great community maps and content on Steam Workshop, so head on over there now! We’ve also got a trailer for the pack – with the content produced by the community, to show off what they enjoy!
 The first Counterattack Map Contest Pack contains the following new maps:
  • Winterwald – the wintry map that won the contest outright; Germans attacking a Russian hill-top position through the trees and snow.
  • Arad 2 Tanks – the classic Red Orchestra “Arad” map brought forward into Red Orchestra 2; now a warm, sunny environment for some serious tank-to-tank combat.
  • Rakowice – another classic Red Orchestra map, updated for the new generation; Russians assaulting the ruins of a German-held airfield in Poland.
  • Stalingrad Kessel – one of the most loved RO maps, created in the original mod, reproduced in the first Red Orchestra game and now brought forward into its latest incarnation!
And if you like the game, you won’t get a better chance to buy it – it will be 85% off on Steam ( for the weekend, as well as being part of the current Humble Weekly Bundle that runs 2 Apr – 9 Apr (, where you can get RO2, along with the original Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 and the current Killing Floor Bundle – AND all three soundtracks!