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Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 – New DLC

Owners of Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 now have new DLC to help keep burning away the calories and staying in shape for the new year:

• Back in Shape: Keep It Off!’ – 400 Microsoft Points

• ‘Cool Down Package’ – 320 Microsoft Points

• ‘Back in Shape: Keep It Off!’ and ‘Cool Down Package’ Bundle – 560 Microsoft Points


Back in Shape: Keep It Off!

Start the New Year off right by downloading four weeks of intensive weight control training workouts designed to help maintain players’ new figure. Each program contains four 24-minute efficient workouts that focus on maintaining your current physique, slim waist and toned legs. The workouts include a mix of high-intensity circuits made of 80% cardio and 20% toning that are perfect for preserving lean muscle mass. New achievements are also available – ‘Under Control’ and ‘Control Freak.’

 Cool Down Package

After an invigorating workout, it’s time to wind down your muscles. Download the new Cool Down Package as a fun way to close out an intense workout session.  The package includes two 5-minute cool down activities that focus on relaxing the upper and lower body muscle groups through a series of stretching exercises. New achievements are also available – ‘Chill Out’ and ‘Cold as Ice.’

For more information on Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, please visit: http://YourShapeGame.com

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