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Xitol Softworks unveils ‘Zone: The Battleground’ Concept Art

I’ll admit, I’m quite friendly with the guys at Xitol Softworks and we talk quite a bit on Twitter and other areas. Before then, when I played Halo: CE on PC I remembered these guys being a big part of the community and it’s awesome to see them branching out and I always support the indie developers. I’m looking forward to more assets and we will not hesitate to show it.

You can check out the Team and the site and follow them starting here:

What is Zone: The Battleground? 

Zone: The Battleground is a multiplayer focused game built off of the Zone universe created by Xitol Softworks Ltd. Built using the Unreal Development Kit, Zone: The Battleground brings intense action to both your PC and Mac. Gamers will not be disappointed with the vast amount of customization and fun Zone: The Battleground has to bring to their computers. Zone: The Battleground is currently scheduled to be released in mid to late 2012.

About Xitol Softworks Ltd.: Founded in 2007 as a mod team for Halo: CE and Halo 2 PC, and later as a community for Halo 3, Xitol Softworks has evolved from a small gaming community into an independent game development team focusing on both challenging and innovative household and mobile games and applications. Xitol’s projects are spread across a variety of platforms including, but not limited to: PC, Windows Phone 7 and iOS.