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Xotic’s first DLC is called “Pipe Works”

Xotic, a genre-bending indie FPS standout, is releasing the Pipe Works downloadable content pack. This latest expansion pack adds great gameplay to this unique, hybrid first-person shooter arcade-style game that is not shy on flair and has a sci-fi twist. Independently developed and launched by WXP Games, the game just recently released a 2.4 version with new features, new content, new achievements, and fixes. The Pipe Works DLC is available on Steam for $1.99.

The first Pipe Works DLC expansion pack contains 2 bonus levels and 1 combat level. It also includes 4 new achievements:

· No Time to Heal – Complete a Pipe Works level in Scab Attack mode

· Death by Fire 
– Defeat a level using only the Scorch weapon

· Even More Perfect – Complete a Perfect Chain with a point multiplier powerup active

· Waste Not Want Not – Complete a non-tutorial combat level with greater than 95% accuracy

Players explore the towers of metal and ancient aqueducts beneath the planet’s surface and eliminate the presence of the orb in this exciting update for one of the most unique indie games of the year.

Xotic takes the FPS genre to a new space and has been recognized for its excellence. Xotic was named 2011 “Top casual PC game of the year!” by Adrenaline Vault and received an honorable mention in Nukezilla’s 2011 Game of The Year Awards by breaking the mold of FPS games – no small achievement for an indie game. I even had very nice things to say about it in our review of Xotic.

“We are really excited about the expansion pack.  It contains many elements of what players have been looking for – so we know they are really going to like what they see,” said Lyndon Sumner, design director of WXP Games.

In Xotic players explore a unique bio-diverse environment while aiming to rack up millions of points and a spot at the top of the leaderboards. In addition, the game features incredible replay value, as each level requires precision, strategy and practice to maximize the point-scoring potential. Like a great arcade shmup or racing game, each level offers nearly infinite opportunity to improve your score with every playthrough.

The recent Xotic 2.4 update includes new graphics options, new speed run game modes, new content, new achievements, support for DLC, a vastly improved tutorial, improved translations, and a variety of fixes for customer-reported issues.

For more information visit Developed and published by WXP Games, Xotic is rated T for Teen (Animated Blood, Violence) by the ESRB. It costs $9.99 and is available on Steam at