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XOTIC Temple Crypt DLC is Now Available

Xotic, a genre-bending indie FPS standout, is releasing the Temple Crypt downloadable content pack.  This 2nd expansion pack adds a mysterious new environment to Xotic’s hybrid arcade/puzzle gameplay. Independently developed and launched by WXP Games, the game just released a 2.8 version with new features, new content, new achievements, and fixes. The Temple Crypt DLC is available on Steam for $1.99. We reviewed the base game not too long ago.

The Temple Crypt DLC expansion pack contains 2 combat levels and 1 bonus level. It also includes 4 new achievements:

· All Scabs Left Behind: Finish a level without hitting a Scab
· Time is of the Essence: Finish a Temple Crypt level in Essence Attack mode
· Brain Surgery: Kill multiple brains with 1 shot of the Slayer
· Who Needs Weapons?: Finish a combat level in Essence Attack mode without firing a single shot.

Players explore the mystical crypts and forgotten passageways beneath the planet’s surface as they eliminate the presence of the orb in this exciting update for one of the most unique indie games of the year. 

“We listened to feedback from fans and built levels that feature more of their favorite gameplay, plus some new twists as well.  We know players are really going to like what they see when they dive in to the Temple Crypt and start developing their strategies for reaching the top of the leaderboards,” said Lyndon Sumner, design director of WXP Games. 

Player’s blast their way through 23 cunning levels as they face the minions of the Orb and try to maintain a continuous chain reaction of points to maximize their score. The object is to race to complete each level as quickly as possible to maximize the time bonus, all while collecting powerups, point multipliers and hidden secrets! It’s an exceptionally vibrant arcade-style first-person shooter with unique chain-reaction gameplay and point multiplier mechanics that come together to form a remarkable hybrid. 

In Xotic players explore a unique bio-diverse environment while aiming to rack up millions of points and a spot at the top of the leaderboards. In addition, the game features incredible replay value, as each level requires precision, strategy and practice to maximize the point-scoring potential. Like a great arcade shmup or racing game, each level offers nearly infinite opportunity to improve your score with every playthrough. 

For more information visit . Developed and published by WXP Games, Xotic is rated T for Teen (Animated Blood, Violence) by the ESRB. It costs $9.99 and is available on Steam at