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“Rolling” in fresh paint with Steel Battalion Heavy Armor pre-order bonuses

Best Buy patrons will get their mitts on the Chrome Blitzer Armory which includes the increased turning speeds of the Impact armor and the increased power of the Tiger armor which, unsurprisingly, is painted in tiger stripes.


Pre-order from the giant that is Amazon and you acquire the Carbon Assassin Armory. Included is the Savannah armor which increases bullet velocity and pimps out your Vertical Tank in zebra print. You also get access to the Storm armor which increases shooting range and has cheetah like spots over it.


Finally heading to Gamestop will net you the Iron Gaurdian Armory, giving you the bright red Rock skin and the ability ignore your enemies advances with increased defense.  Also included is the Jaguar skin which does resemble Jaguar print and make you a much faster foe out on the battlefield.

So get out there now and place that pre-order soldier.  Dismissed

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