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PXL – New Tablet Gaming Magazine releases Second Issue and First Issue is FREE

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Tablet owners who love video games now have a magazine of their very own: PXL. Pronounced “pixel,” the new media app is the groundbreaking creation of former PSM: 100% Independent PlayStation Magazine executive editor, Randy Nelson. PXL is designed specifically for iPad and Android tablets, with dynamic layouts and fresh content added every week that make it much more than a static digital version of an existing print magazine. In addition to taking advantage of multi-touch input for easy navigation and screen-filling popup images, PXL’s updated content ensures it’s never behind the curve like traditional gaming magazines. This includes the top news stories, latest trailers, first-look previews, and reviews of the biggest games the same week they’re on sale.

PXL is the new tablet home for video game fans looking for solid editorial written and stylized in a fun spirit,” said PXL Executive Editor Randy Nelson. “Our content pops off the screen and is easy to navigate and we keep an irreverent perspective about gaming while placing the gaming community front and center.”

PXL maintains its unique editorial voice and vision by being serious about games with a staff that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The media app focuses on the fun of this beloved hobby and the passion shared by its many fans. To this end, PXL strikes an irreverent tone, complementing its in-depth games coverage with smart humor and witty commentary. PXL also places a focus on the fans, with integrated community features, fan-driven interviews of industry greats, and a celebration of the community’s most talented members.

It’s also a champion of the growing indie development movement, a fact made clear in its second issue cover, République from Camouflaj and Logan. In this exclusive report, PXL goes behind the creation of the most ambitious mobile game ever with its creator, Ryan Payton, who played a key role as producer on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Halo 4 as game director.

PXL issue two also features a chat with Double Fine Productions founder Tim Schafer about the Kickstarter crowd-funding of his return to the adventure game genre, classic gaming legend and Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day of King of Kong fame, eccentric game designer Jeff Minter, and Megan Lara, an immensely talented artist whose art nouveau paintings of video game characters have made her a rising star of geek culture. In keeping with the issue’s theme of retro gaming, PXL also takes in-depth looks at upcoming games inspired by old-school classics, including Retro City RampageSuper T.I.M.E. ForceRunner 2, and Star Commend.

All of this is in addition to a number of regular features and departments, including a monthly countdown known as the PXL8, the coolest gaming goods in Gear Up, and a side-splitting Free Play comic drawn by game artist Maxx Marshall, the creative force behind mega-hits including StarCraft and World of Warcraft.

Issue two of PXL is more than 80 add-free pages and is sold as an in-app purchase for only 99 cents — the same price as all upcoming issues. A one-year subscription to PXL (12 issues) is only $9.99.

PXL can be downloaded from the Apple App Store ( and Google Play (

PXL was launched in March of 2012 after successful Kickstarter campaign brought together a group of gamers who wanted to see a new voice in the world of games editorial. These supporters have become PXL’s Founders Club, and the magazine spotlights a new one each month in its regular Backer Background section.