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Forza Horizon shows off Dodge Viper Still and Box Art

Turn 10 has just released the first image of the upcoming Forza Horizon game. Not much information is know about the title other than its being release this fall and features open roads in scenic environments. The screen shows a tail end shot of the new 2013 Viper on a rocky desert road looking absolutely gorgeous..

Along with the screen shot, Turn 10 has released boxart showcasing the Viper, a first for the Forza series which has placed either Japanese or European sports cars.

Hearing everyone’s ideas of what this game is, is pretty fun. I’m hearing the most popular of ideas being Forza meets Burnout or Forza meets Need For Speed. I would fully enjoy either scenario honestly. Oh and Turn 10, I think you should go with blue with white skunk stripes for that Viper on the box please.