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Carmageddon Coming Soon to; 50% Off and Big News on May 30

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Carmageddon coming to

Yeah, just like the title says, the once-controversial Carmageddon (plus the Splat Pack) is on its way to, just as a Kickstarter campaign for a new iteration goes on. Read the news here and see the game page here. Carmageddon + Splat Pack will be $9.99, DRM-free as always.

Digital Box of Fun Promo Gets 50% Off

There are a bunch of solid titles for sale this weekend, with games like Commandos and Guilty Gear titles as low as $2.99. Open the Digital Box of Fun.

Summer Conference May 30 – Big News

Our good friends in Poland have a penchant for announcing big things at quarterly conferences… on May 30, and CD Projekt RED will be holding their Summer Conference. Promises big news! Read about it here.