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Jun 08, 2012

E3 2012: Dragon Commander

LOGO Divinity DragonCommander

From Larian Studios, I got to sit down with them and they showed me the game on PC (only).

It runs on DX9 and looks amazing. It takes place in the Divinity universe and is going towards technology and coming off medieval times, so you get the clash of old and new. You’re greeted with your advisors you ask decisions of you. You can make the choice yourself or have it made for you, and it will always be the best choice but not always the right choice. From there you get a card that buffs you or something you can call upon to help in a battle. Pick a location to attack and take over from the enemy. Then you are in battle commanding your units to the enemy and then you spawn as a Dragon that can free roam the arena and fight in real-time with a jetpack. Should you die, only a 10-second timer is the penalty. Multiplayer allows up to 4 players with all the same features, making the combat exciting and hectic as you’d imagine.

Why does a dragon with a jetpack make sense? Well it doesn’t. But the elements that make up the game: conversations with consequences, tactical overworld map where you choose to invade, and then real-time strategy with an active hero unit mashes multiple games into one for a thrilling experience you don’t want to miss.