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E3 2012: Pid


A neat indie platformer from some of the guys who made Bionic Commando: ReArmed running on the Unity engine. I got a Limbo story feel and limited color palette, but the comparison stops there. Pid is the story of Kurt who gets separated and drops underground and is all alone and must do the only thing, survive. In my demo, I got to use the beam power which only go in one direction and allow me to access new areas. Cameras have a cone of vision that kill you on sight and drones chase you when you are near. Using them quickly and efficiently keeps you out of harms way. Two beams can be dropped at one time to propel you and you can kill one to start another. Keys are placed in the world but slow you down and leave you to get killed faster. The areas change colors but are white and blue or white and red. Creating a clean but simple look I can appreciate. It’s hard, but not frustrating – at least that early in the game.