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E3 2012: Spec Ops: The Line


Front facing demos of the game were of the Singleplayer Demo released in May. The ones on the back side though, were later in the game at Chapter 13 and things have not gone well with the crew. Sparing the details, this looked very end-game and invokes all of the mechanics in order to survive. Even on Normal, sheer quantities of the enemies will swarm and flank you causing you to reassess your position and keeps you on the move. Ammo is at a premium and requires that you pick up dropped weapons to be successful. You’re separated from the squad and as you regain radio contact with them, you are faced with more challengingĀ enemies all while dealing with the emotional damage that has incurred in your time in Dubai, questioning who you’ve become in this journey. Spec Ops has great gameplay with solid gunplay, and tapping into these characters for their emotional capacity is really interesting.

I definitely want to see the whole thing.