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Revealing The Music of Akaneiro

The composer for Akaneiro is Kian How, whose work you’ve heard in titles like Spec Ops: The Line, Dishonored, Dust 514, EVE Online’s expansion Incarna, Splatterhouse, and Test Drive Unlimited 2.

As a student at the Berklee College of Music, Kian co-produced the highly-acclaimed VGO (Video Game Orchestra) and kicked off a career working with giants of the industry like Jack Wall (Video Games Live), Gerard Marino (God of War), and Keith Zizza (Caesar IV).


The Music

There are three tracks to Akaneiro’s soundtrack that are available for your auditory pleasure:

  • The Main Theme for the game, which is the first piece of music players will hear when they log into the game.
  • A piece from early in the game called Calm.
  • A piece of later music called Dark.

Kian also recorded short commentary tracks for each piece of music where he described his influences in putting each one together, which shows you some of the thought that went into making each track.

You can listen the music on SoundCloud: