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E3 2012: Assassin’s Creed III

First up was the Frontier that was shown in part during Ubisoft’s Press Conference. Now being played live before us and going further than what was shown. Connor can hide in shrubs that allows him to stalk man or animal similar to crowd blending, you are unnoticed unless you make yourself out to be. Very cool looking battling in the snow. I get a bit of a Red Dead Redemption vibe as now you have quests and can do them at your leisure.

Next came a new section, Boston. This taking place in the summer as it rains. Connor finds himself helping oppressed people and helping them. Now Connor can take cover and do corner kills. Using a rope dart on one red coat to distract enemies he frees a man from shackles and runs away. In a way of using Assassin’s, you can call for help where your guys are dressed redcoats and fake arrest you and bring you in behind enemy lines so that you can get to the Templar easier. Once killed, he blends in with some workers and then grabs a redcoat and impaled his face on a pitchfork, attracting attention. Connor is able to fend off 5-7 guys at a time but decides to escape via rooftops and is able to use building interiors to break line of sight. Amazing stuff.

Lastly we were shown the Naval combat in video form, but we saw it in full during Sony’s Press Conference, still incredible. Nothing of Desmond or actual story was shown, but all will be revealed in due time. Assassin’s Creed III is going to be a euphoric experience beginning to end with how fluid you can move. Connor will become a new fan favorite soon as he has a lot of weapons at his disposal.