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Assassin’s Creed next book is titled, Forsaken by Oliver Bowden

A new novelization based on the latest installment of Ubisoft blockbuster Assassin’s Creed – one of the biggest video game franchises in the world– will be published on December 4 for $9.99.

Initially launched in 2007, the first four Assassin’s Creed® games have sold more than 38 million units worldwide, and the franchise is now established as one of the best-selling series ever. Recognized for having some of the richest, most engrossing storytelling in the industry, Assassin’s Creed® transcends video games, branching out into other entertainment experiences including comic books, novels, short films and more. Sales of the Assassin’s Creed® novelizations have now reached more than 380,000 copies!

Assassin’s Creed®: Forsaken is the latest thrilling novelization by Oliver Bowden based on the phenomenally successful game series. The new game, Assassin’s Creed® III, takes one of gaming’s most popular franchises to new heights in its most realistic world yet and introduces a brand new Assassin, Connor.

Set during the American Revolution, Connor has sworn to secure liberty for his people and his nation and unleashes his powerful skills on the chaotic, blood-soaked battlefields of the hostile American wilderness. Assassin’s Creed®: Forsaken is the story behind who Connor really is and how he has become a deadly killer.

The world of the Assassins has become far more lethal than ever before.

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Oliver Bowden is the pen-name of an acclaimed novelist and historian who currently lives in Paris.