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Luftrausers – Arcade Shooting in the Sepia Tone-filled Skies

Luftrausers Logo

The skies will be set aflame as indie development thugs Vlambeer and worldwide gaming cartel Devolver Digital join forces on the upcoming stylish arcade shooter LUFTRAUSERS. Ace pilots around the world will be able to customize their very own “rauser” and battle wily enemy fighters amongst the clouds or charge colossal battleships scattered across the open seas.

“LUFTRAUSERS is the only game in which players can build and fly a LUFTRAUSER – the most interesting engineering achievement of mankind ever. Flying one is said to be the most amazing feeling and we wanted to bring that experience to everyone,” said Rami Ismail, co-founder of Vlambeer.


Developed by Dutch duo Vlambeer (Super Crate Box, Radical Fishing) LUFTRAUSERS will revolutionize the arcade-style aerial combat shooter genre with simple controls and deep gameplay.

  • Brave and Bold – White-knuckle aerial battles against a crimson and cream sky harken back to the pure arcade shooters of the past with tight gameplay, ridiculous combos, and unlimited fun.
  • Custom Luftrausers – Select from unique weapons, plane bodies, and propulsion systems to radically alter your fighter in over 125 deadly combinations. Each combination changes both how the rauser handles and attacks but also the music soundtrack to your mission.
  • Confidential Missions – Make your fellow countrymen proud as you take on one of dozens of missions from your commanding officers and face off against rival aces in a dogfight to the death.
  • Stylish Dog Fighting – Vlambeer’s unmistakable visual style, super tight controls, and the driving beats of DJ Kozilek create a beautifully intense mission each time you take to the skies.

“For every plane that is shot down in LUFTRAUSERS I pledge to personally donate a portion of the profits from the game to an exotic dancer of my choosing,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Call me old-fashioned but I have soft spot in my heart for ladies willing to take their clothes off for money.”

This marks the second collaboration between Vlambeer and Devolver Digital after 2011’s Serious Sam: The Random EncounterLUFTRAUSERS is set to release on PC and Mac in late 2012 and consoles in 2013 with a price point set at $5,000. Release date and price subject to change.

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