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GamrCred to become….whatever you choose

A few days ago, as they are still known as GamrCred, received a “cease and desist” order from the lawyers of a company who took offence to them playing on the term “streetcred.”

They write:

After hours of deliberation with $1,000/hr lawyers who actually said we had a good case against said company but, the reality is, we also know that these battles can be long, messy and require lots of money… Money and time that we could use to make GamrCred the best and most credible community of gamers on the planet!

So we decided that it would be much better, more fun and more in keeping with how we see the world to have a fun game where you get to choose the new name of GamrCred! So we’ve created the “Gamr? Name Game”!

“A game?” I hear you say! That’s right — choose one of the great robot heroes who represents your favored name to fight the ugly demon! The more votes the robots get, the higher they go and the winning robot gets to….well….

You get one vote as a member of GamrCred, and at the end of next week, we will start the process of changing our name. 100 random folks will get the first 100 t-Shirts off the line with the new name.

The game will finish on Tuesday the 18th @ 12pm Mountain.

So what will the future of GamrCred be? Go play the Name Game and let us know!

Help them out, will you? Go vote!