Sep 23, 2012

Anomaly Warzone Earth (PS3) Review

Lights Off
3 Okay
Retails for: $9.99
We Recommend: $5.99
  • Developer: 11 bit studios
  • Publisher: 11 bit studios
  • Genre: RTS, Tower Defense
  • Released: Sep 11, 2012
  • Platform: Windows
  • Reviewed: PlayStation 3

11bit Studios brings their widely available Anomaly Warzone Earth to PSN. Each release has had something special exclusive to the platform. Does the PS3 version have something special worth owning?

Anomaly Warzone Earth starts off with an impressive yet intriguing cinematic introducing you to the events that have unfolded on Earth. A presumed alien craft has come into Earth’s atmosphere, broken off and landed into two pieces, one in Baghdad and the other in Tokyo.

You drop in and command a squad to an opening in the “anomaly” to begin investigating. Once in, all things are quiet as you navigate the war-torn streets. Soon after buildings shed their “skin” and tower defenses prop up and you have to direct your squad to checkpoints. Along the way you’ll get support drops for healing, smoke, decoys, etc.

Anomaly flips the conventional gameplay formula by creating the tower offense game, where you are desperately needing to destroy the towers to be able to progress and defeat the alien force. You’re always in direct control of your character, but you command the squad by purchasing new allies and can place them anywhere in your row. This is where the game kind of broke for me, as a military force the necessity to buy things on the fly was far fetched but fit what is needed in games like these, though this was approached with more nuance and story. You can pause the game to go to a tactical map view where you can view the intel of the bad guy’s locations and then can adjust it on the fly or pre-plan it the whole way through.

Introduced into the PSN version is Local Co-Op. While this would be better if it also did Online Co-Op, it is neat in concept but not execution. This doesn’t add in a second squad, but splits the controls. One player directs the vehicles, and the other as the commander lays down repairs and so on. I think the game could have introduced more enemies into a level if it recognized two-players, here it splits the task of one person into two and thus, making it half as fun.

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Anomaly Warzone Earth has finally come to PSN, and with its exclusive mode is a bit lacking – but makes it stand out from the rest. It’s an extra new genre, and with the upcoming Anomaly Korea on the way from the studio, it’s best you get into the game the spawned endless versions and a sequel. It’s fun and engaging while being easily replayable.

A download code was provided by PR for review purposes