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Dark Vale Games Kicks-Off a Closed Beta for FORGE

Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, has launched the Beta for FORGE, welcoming more than 18,000 gamers to play the upcoming PC multiplayer title prior to release.  The closed Beta will run from now through November and is currently open to those who registered early this summer as well as anyone who has pre-ordered the game. 

FORGE is currently among the Top Ten highest-rated titles in Steam’s Greenlight program thanks to the game’s intense community support.  Fans should visit the game’s Greenlight page at immediately to vote for FORGE and earn it a spot within the Steam platform.


Pre-orders can be made online at  Additionally, players who register with the game’s Web site at will receive a 14-day free trial period within the Beta.

“With the Beta kicking off we’re moving into the home stretch of development and it’s time for our most important focus group – our players – to tell us what still needs to be tweaked and adjusted as we get closer to release,”  said Tim Alvis, COO/CTO of Dark Vale Games.  “We’re really encouraged by the success of our pre-order program as well as the support we’ve been getting through Steam’s Greenlight.  With the fan base we have playing the Beta now and the new players we’re adding with pre-orders — we’re confident we will get the feedback we need to produce one of the best PC multiplayer games of 2012, and at a great indie price.”