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The Walking Dead – Episode Five “No Time Left” Concludes Next Week in Season Finale

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Today, Telltale Games announced that the highly-anticipatedĀ SEASON FINALEĀ ofThe Walking DeadĀ titledĀ ‘Episode Five -No Time Left,’Ā will be launching digitally next week on consoles, PC/MAC, and iOS. Ā This is the fifth and final episode in the critically-acclaimed game season from Telltale Games based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series,Ā The Walking Dead.Ā 

The Walking Dead: Episode Five – No Time LeftĀ will be launching on PlayStation Network in North America on TuesdayĀ NovemberĀ 20th and Wednesday November 21st on PlayStation Network (EU), Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PC and Mac via the Telltale Online StoreĀ and digital distribution partners such as Steam, and also for compatible iOS devices as the final piece of downloadable content from within theĀ ‘Walking Dead: The Game’Ā app, available on the App Store.

Once again, we thank you for travelling along with us all the way from Macon, and now to the end of the tracks into the deadly streets of Savannah, GA. Ā You’veĀ come this far, and with humanity pushed to the edge of extinction, we ask you one question… Are you truly ready to put everything on the line…Ā #ForClementine?