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Dec 28, 2012

Battlefield 3: Aftermath Review

Lights Off
5 Incredible
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  • Developer: DICE
  • Publisher: EA
  • Genre: Action, Shooter
  • Released: Dec 12, 2012
  • Platform: Windows
  • Reviewed: Windows
The fourth of five Battlefield expansions, featuring a balanced mix of indoors and outdoors. The outdoor areas are vast and open allowing it to feel completely separate from the indoor areas. The building constructed that make up the indoor areas are tight, almost claustrophobic at times. This blends the feeling of the Close Quarters DLC with the Armored Kill DLC in interesting ways, making for more variety and versatility in attacking and defending objectives.

Markaz Monolith

My favorite map in the bunch. Does that matter much? No. But it will become your favorite too. There’s tall buildings, multi-levels of terror and destruction to be had. The earthquakes have knocked over buildings and revealed interiors as the exterior walls came down. It’s a densely packed urban area where danger lurks around every corner and on every rooftop. There’s stark contrasts of light and darkness, making it easy for your or someone to hide and capture a flag obscured in shadow that your team desperately needed.

Azadi Palace

There are many open areas that lead to the palace walls which have broken down and crumbled to the shakings of the ground beneath them. The palace becomes so open that you can take vans and even tanks up the stairs and into the main rooms to contest for flags and superiority with your massive vehicles dominating the area. It is absolutely frightening to see a Abrams tank come hulking your way as you face each other down one of the hallways. It’s also just as exhilarating to kill it where it stands. The palace is gorgeous with its fine and very detailed rugs and decor has exquisite design accents that, at one time must have been absolutely stunning to look at from afar and up close. It’s destruction is a great playground to fight in.


Another urban area, but this one has areas that is, or was under construction. There’s scaffolding and other ruins of what was to be something promising happening here. Now it’s been ravaged by earthquakes and war. Often times, there are aftershocks that disrupt the action and affect your aim dramatically. Epicenter takes the little details serious, the underground section has a car on fire is in a tunnel, and the smoke billows out from the center all the way to the open area. It’s the attention to details that make the map stand out and has tons of back alleys and navigating through ripped apart buildings.

Telah Market

Is where goods are meant to be sold. But instead, bullets and grenades are traded among enemies where flags are contested. Verticality plays a major role here, Telah Market has more outdoor areas than indoor here. Many walls and stands separate you from your enemy, which allows for more cover, and just as easily that cover to be blown apart as if it was never there. There’s nothing but chaos in this map as it is a bit smaller than the rest and you’re likely to have more close quarters encounters than anything at distance.

Another set of assignments to complete, ten in all. Though, most of these focus on the XBOW and the various bolt types and additional scopes for it. They aren’t very interesting, unless you really want every bolt type and extra dog tags to show off to friends and your nemeses.

Short-name for Crossbow. It’s ultra-quiet and is deadly from the waist up. It suffers a horrific drop far more drastic than any of the lead firing weapons found in the rest of the game. There are plenty of bolt types to acquire, and an additional scope to place onto it for greater range and accuracy. It’s a neat new addition and is not a primary or secondary weapon. It actually takes the place of a critical gadget for any class. Personally, I found it to be a better fit for the Recon class, but it’s entirely up to you if you want to swap out a Defibrillators for the XBOW. But then you’d be a jerk.

Building upon the atmosphere of the theme of the maps, earthquakes. Scavenger Mode is all about finding weapons on the battlefield (heh) and using them to the best of your ability. You will start out with the sidearm of your choice, but the weapons strewn about the ground are random and carry attachments you may or may not normally put on your weapons. The mode is basically Conquest, but with a unique spin that has people distracted to find more weapons rather than protecting or taking objectives as they normally would. And with scarce ammo for each weapon find, is fully understandable.

Aftermath has a yellow tint on everything might make you feel sickly or inside jar of honey, but it’s absolutely gorgeous and riveting to play across these locations that have been ruined by mother nature. Each area, while focusing on urban areas, are extremely detailed and a ton of fun to play. No other Battlefield 3 map outside of this DLC compares. The new Scavenger mode brings forth a new way to play Conquest and deal with only what you can find. The new XBOW is a valuable addition, but the trade-off in your gadget list is tricky. I wholeheartedly recommend this DLC as it is exactly what you need to play.

A code for Battlefield 3 Premium was provided by EA for review purposes