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Legendary Heroes is the First Expansion to Fallen Enchantress, Free to Anyone Who Preordered Elemental: War of Magic


Stardock announced its first expansion pack for its popular fantasy strategy game, Fallen Enchantress.  The expansion, Legendary Heroes, adds new monsters, new champions, larger maps, new tactical battle maps and re-imagines the role of heroes in the world of Elemental.

One of our goals with Legendary Heroes is to tie together the destiny of your kingdom and those of your champions,” said Derek Paxton, lead designer of Legendary Heroes.

In Fallen Enchantress, champions were recruited through exploration. Once recruited, they could go on quests, acquire magical items, gain experience and choose new talents. Paxton continued, “In Legendary Heroes, the champions seek you out based on your fame. Your kingdom gains fame through a variety of means and as a result, the player’s affinity with champions is now tied to the choices their Kingdom as a whole makes.”

Legendary Heroes also expands on the critically acclaimed gameplay in Fallen Enchantress. New types of monsters such as liches, skeletons and worse begin to appear in the world. New quests, a new scenario and much larger map sizes are now available.

“Players will immediately recognize that the world has changed,” said Paxton. “Besides just looking a lot better, the battles are far more intense. Units have a lot more skills to choose from in battle and the maps are much more varied. We redid virtually all of them.”

Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes is expected to be released in April, with a public beta starting next month.  The game is priced at $19.99 for Fallen Enchantress users and $39.99 as a stand-alone game.

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