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Thunder Wolves screenshots show its explosive nature

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In Thunder Wolves, the player becomes part of a formidable group of pilots who carry out every order with unequalled precision and speed, be it the protection of an oil platform, destroying a chemical factory, or halting an enemy advancement in its tracks. The goal of the Thunder Wolves is nothing less than saving the world.

Key Features
* Arcade-style flight action with destroyable enrironments and devastating weaponry.
* Choose the right equipment for every job. Nine different helicopters and a wide arsenal of weapons.
* From stealth to escort orders and seek-and-destroy missions, execute 13 operations from around the globe.
* Enemies galore; terrorist foot soldiers, land vehicles, enemy helicopters, and spectacular boss battles to stretch your gaming skills.
* Local multiplayer mode tag team. Create a unit with a friend and fly into battle in co-op mode as pilot and gunner.

Thunder Wolves is the work of the Hungarian development studio Most Wanted Entertainment, and is being released on Sony PlayStation® Network, Xbox LIVE® Arcade, and Windows PC.