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Highlander Mech Now Available, does not feature Christopher Lambert

MechWarrior Online gets some ‘heavy metal’ today as the long-awaited fan-favorite, the Highlander Mech, is now available in the Mech Lab. Additionally, two exciting new game features have also gone live with this latest update – the ‘Air Strike’ and ‘Artillery Strike’ features.

The Air Strike feature allows a pilot to call in a fighter air strike on a targeted zone on the field of battle, dropping up to six bombs after a five second flight time delay. Each bomb rips 10 points of damage, striking a devastating blow on your enemy from above. The Artillery Strike option calls in a barrage of long-range artillery, with up to six shells shattering your foe with 10 points of damage.

New Thermal and Night Vision modes have been updated for players, and the new and extremely popular Testing Grounds have had some performance enhancements with the latest patch.

The full list of enhancements can be found here: Jump in and play for free now at