Lights Off

Re-Volt, the R/C racing classic comes to GOG, the DRM-free distributor of gaming goodness both old and new, has added fan-favorite R/C car racing game Re-Volt to its catalog. Still actively being modded with new tracks, cars, and textures being released even now, 15 years after the initial launch of the title, this classic racer’s sense of fun hasn’t diminished a whit over the years. With a radio-controlled car theme, Re-Volt allows itself to go crazy with ludicrous weapons, creative racetrack settings, and a frenetic pace while succeeding at realistically simulating real-life R/C car physics. The game is available at for only $5.99!

Re-Volt is a celebrated example of the best that the arcade racing sub-genre has to offer with countless tracks, slick controls, and immense staying power. The game lets the player take one of 28 battery-powered speed demons for a spin around a variety of different environments full of ramps, power-ups, and tight corners. Complete with a fitting high-voltage soundtrack and visuals that have not dated one bit, Re-Volt is a great pick for arcade racing enthusiasts.