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Nov 05, 2013 Partners up with WWF, Worldbuilders, and Gaming for Good in special “Pick 3+, Donate $5 or More” Fundraiser, the DRM-free digital distributor of the best games in history for PC and Mac has launched its first-ever charity action on the service, running from now until 12 November 2013 at 13:59 GMT. After recently celebrating 5 years in business, after building one of the largest hardcore gaming communities on the ‘Net, and after all of the success and growth it has achieved the company has decided it is time to give back.

Gamers can pick 3 or more games and donate $5 or more to one of three charities on the WWF (, Worldbuilders (, and Gaming for Good ( With games like FTL: Faster Than LightThe Whispered World, and Waking Mars as part of the action, the games are certainly titles to appeal to gamers of all types, but the fact that is spending money of their own to make sure that 100% of every donation goes straight to charity is also a big deal. In order to make sure that a $5 donation doesn’t end up becoming a $5 donation minus credit card fees, VAT, and other expenses, the independent digital distributor will be spending nearly $0.25 on every dollar raised to make sure that every $5 donation equals $5.00 given to charity.

The developers of the games in this charity fundraiser (Introversion (Darwinia), Subset Games (FTL: Faster Than Light), Tiger Style Games (Waking Mars), Amanita Design(Botanicula), Instant Kingdom (Driftmoon),Northway Games (Incredipede), Digital Game Factory (Creatures: Village), Might & Delight(Pid), Daedalic (The Whispered World), and Oddworld (Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee)) are all supporting these three charities as well, as they’re receiving no royalties for the games that are being sold as part of the fundraiser.