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Astrobase Command – Q&A with Adam Blahuta


Game description: A sandbox base-building RPG in a low-tech science fiction universe. Explore the stars with the computing power of the Atari Age!

I got to sit down (presumably, as we were both writing emails back and forth) with the man behind the engineering and art of Astrobase Command, Adam Blahuta and ask just a few questions about the project.

How much of an inspiration were games like FTL and Spaceteam for Astrobase Command?

As for inspiration, Henry Smith’s a friend of mine so I think he’ll get a kick out of the Spaceteam question. I would say that the game has a similar feel to FTL when in the middle of a crisis, but closer inspirations in the indie space are Startopia for construction and Star Control 2 for storytelling.

What about Astrobase Command is different if people have played those games?

The things that set us apart from similar games are:

1) Construction is in 3D to allow players to build whatever they want.
2) 70’s retro sci-fi look and feel. We want to be able to build these cool iconic stations and have the interface be objects you manipulate (similar to Papers, Please in that respect)
3) Character-driven organic storyline. Characters gain history/personality traits based on events they participate in. This evolves their AI behaviour and is used by our Storyteller Engine to use past events to inform new ones. (e.g. Meet a new alien race -> piss off ambassador’s wife -> Your station gets attacked versus Meet a new alien race -> Become BFFs -> They give you astronomical data of the surrounding area used in a later mission)

I mean, what it comes down to for us is that we want to build a universe where people have the freedom to build what they want, recruit who they want, do what they want and come out of it with a unique gameplay story.

Astrobase Command is now on Kickstarter, waiting for backers until December 20th: