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Fishcow Studio’s Gomo to be published Daedalic Entertainment


Daedalic Entertainment announces the release of Gomo, an independently developed point & click exploration game developed by the Slovakian team Fishcow Studio.

Gomo is a hand-drawn exploration game, featuring its very own artstyle, in which players control the character Gomo, who is on his mission to help his dog Dingo, which has been captured by aliens. A great adventure awaits Gomo – players will explore a comic-style world using classic point & click controls, solving puzzles by collecting and using items. Players will also encounter obstacles they need to overcome, for example by creating a balloon, and can find and reveal many secrets.

The gameplay of Gomo is non-violent, focused on puzzles and exploration, and centered on the unique, hand-drawn art style of the game.

Daedalic Entertainment schedules to publish Gomo world-wide, priced $9.99 for PC, in December 2013. The game will be localized into nine languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Slovak.