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Fable Anniversary is coming February 4th for Xbox 360 with Limited Launch Day Content

Lionhead Studios has announced “Fable Anniversary” will launch on Xbox 360 on Feb. 4, 2014 in the US, Feb. 6 in Asia and Feb. 7 in Europe. “Fable Anniversary” will remind players of why the “Fable” franchise is so special and why there is nothing else quite like it on any other gaming platform. Available for the first time on the Xbox 360 platform with dramatically upgraded HD graphics, remastered audio, a slick new interface, achievements, SmartGlass integration and “The Lost Chapters” content, “Fable Anniversary” is the definitive “Fable” experience for faithful fans and new players alike! 

Looking for yet another reason to grab “Fable Anniversary” on February 4, 2014? Lionhead Studios also revealed that each limited-run box of “Fable Anniversary” will include a 5×5 code for the Launch Day Weapons & Outfits Pack inside a shiny, slip-on embossed case. The pack includes the following enticing content:

  • Scythe’s Outfit
  • A Black Graduate Outfit
  • A Red Prophet Outfit
  • A Blue Guard Outfit
  • A Red Guard Outfit
  • A Lute Weapon
  • A Will User’s Sceptre Weapon

And if that’s not enough, the game will also include a very special 10th Anniversary Lion’s – Head Avatar Helmet for all loyal Lionhead fans.

Fans are encouraged to pre-order now, as supplies for the above are limited to the initial print run of the game.