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Door Kickers Alpha 8 update now includes SWAT Snipers and Shield Troopers

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Alpha 8 completes the class system in Door Kickers, with all 5 classes being available for use. Each brings a different approach to the tactical picture and its up to you to decide how to mix them.

  • Pointman – fast movement and first to shoot, an excellent choice for first man through the door. Unless its a trap, in which case its better to send in the …
  • Shield – Excellent protection from the front but poor accuracy and rate of fire. Needs his flanks protected and can’t breach doors.
  • Assaulter – Excellent firepower at medium to long ranges but may have trouble in tight corners and when handling doors.
  • Breacher – Quickly brings doors down when noise is not an issue, and packs quite a lot of close-range firepower.
  • Stealth – Silent and deadly but vulnerable at long range.

Its not by accident that snipers are not mentioned in this list as they are an off map asset. They don’t deduce from your manpower and you have limited control over them. 

Speaking of Shields, enjoy them in the current invulnerable form while you can :) –  as the armor system is implemented you will see most shields (note: plural) succumb to rifle fire.

Alpha 8 also brings a little bit of trooper evolution – they will get XP and rise through ranks. While we work on the perks that will be unlocked by this evolution, we’d like to hear from you how far you manage to get your troopers before they die!

Since Alpha 7 we have seen a lot of players putting the replay system to good use. Taking your feedback and actual use experience into account we have improved a number of things:

  • There’s much less sound clutter in the replays
  • Replay browser now shows the actual filename, making them easier to sort and distinguish
  • There’s a convenient button that opens up the replay folder

We’re also preparing an Export to Video function for the game and would like to hear from you. What options would you like to have? What interface or playback functions would be needed? Let us know so we can make a better tool! As always, our email is always open at:

New Features of Alpha 8:

– Shield trooper class
– Snipers (off map asset available in select missions)
– Windows
– Troopers gain XP and advance in rank (though nothing to do with that, yet!)
– Better enemy AI + pathfinding
– Added “open replays folder” option + replays file name
– Improvements on trooper control

– Trooper statistics are no longer updated after watching a replay
– Less sounds overlapping in replays
– Stealth Class no longer kicks doors
– Silenced weapons are no longer heard through walls
– Flashbang target no longer resets to default when setting a gocode
– Fixed a bug where a dead trooper would not be replaced
– Fixed a bug where completing HostageRescue on a mission with more than 1 rescue zone would not end mission
– Fixed playing “Aborting” sound after shotgun-breaching a locked door
– Fixed a couple of crashes, tweaked some stuff and in general improved the game in too many ways to mention here.