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Valve’s Documentary “Free To Play” is Free To Watch Starting Today


Free to Play, a documentary film from Valve that follows the lives of three aspiring professional gamers, is now available via Steam and Twitch, and coming soon to additional digital platforms such as YouTube and iTunes.

In anticipation of today’s launch, over 600,000 gamers from around the world pre-loaded the movie in order to watch it the moment it is released. Public viewing parties are also happening to celebrate the launch, including at the Crest Theater tonight in Los Angeles, CA, in association with Twitch. And, later today, Twitch will debut the online playback of the Q&A session about the film featuring Dendi, Fear, and representatives from Valve’s documentary team, recorded in front of a live audience at the film’s press screening in San Francisco.

Created internally at Valve, Free to Play takes an intimate look into the lives of three professional computer gamers. All three speak different languages, and live on different continents (Asia, North America, and Europe). But they all share a passion for the same online game and made major sacrifices to train and compete professionally.

The film takes viewers around the globe as we get to know the players, their families, and their loved ones as they prepare to play for the first $1 million prize ever awarded in pro gaming. Dota 2 is one of the most played online games in the world with over 7 million active monthly players.

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