Mar 31, 2014

FRACT OSC shows off New Pad Trailer, will be at PAX East 2014

[responsive_youtube u_1LRN1xCKQ]

Phosfiend Systems wants you to discover the world of FRACT and its three areas: the last teaser let you see the deep, dark depths of the bass caves. In this new teaser, explore the airy, washy sounds of the pad dams.

This open-world music exploration game lets you discover a forgotten world filled with striking visuals and evolving sounds. As you solve puzzles to rebuild its forgotten machinery, you manipulate the sound and create music with your actions, leaving your mark on the world as you bring it back to life. Inspired by synthesizers, TRON, and games like Myst and Rez, FRACT promises a unique synaesthetic experience that will stimulate your eyes and ears.

FRACT OSC will be showing at PAX East in Boston April 11-13 as part of the Indie MegaBooth (Booth 673) so please drop by to try out the game and talk to the developers!

FRACT is coming to Windows/Mac in April 2014 on SteamGOG and the Humble store. Pre-orders will be open April 8 on the FRACT website. Follow FRACT on TwitterFacebookYouTube, or on the Steam page. And for more information, check out FRACTGAME.COM.